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Delivery and Storage


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School Food Authorities (SFAs) must inform the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) their delivery option for the next school year during the Annual Order Survey, either State contracted delivery or SFA contracted delivery with a commercial distributor (or prime vendor).

In November, SFAs should start planning how they will receive delivery of USDA Foods for the next school year. All delivery decisions should be finalize by the time the Annual Order Survey closes (in February or March).

  • All Direct Diversion and Cheese Rebate end products must be delivered by a contracted commercial distributor. 
  • SFAs ordering Direct Delivery (Brown Box) can opt for State contracted delivery. But they will still need to contract with a commercial distributor for delivery of Direct Diversion and Cheese Rebate end products.

Wisconsin DPI Guidance:

FAQ: Delivery and Receiving Procedures for Direct Delivery USDA Foods and Wisconsin State Processing Products



Best If Used By Dates

Indicates how long the product will retain best flavor or quality. 
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Commercial Distribution

SFAs receiving USDA Foods by contracting with their own distributor. 
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State Delivery

SFAs receiving USDA Foods through DPI contracted distributor.  


USDA Food Distribution Policy Memo 

Donated Food Storage, Distribution, and Product Dating (Revised), FD-107, USDA 11/21/2017


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