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Program Timelines

Events Occurring During School Year 2019-20

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Jul 2019 Event
2nd week: The DPI determines USDA Foods handling charge rate for SY 2019-20.
4th week: School Food Authorities (SFAs) participating in direct diversion and cheese processing who have an inventory balance remaining at processors at end of the SY 2018-19 will receive notification from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The notification is a reminder to use carry over inventory by 10/31/19 or the inventory will be zeroed out.
Aug 2019 Event
Mid-month: The DPI emails out SY 2019-20 Back-to-School information to all participating SFAs.
Mid-month: The DPI sends invoices to those SFAs who have an outstanding handling charge balance from SY 2018-19.
21st day: Direct diversion processors SY 2020-21 “Intent to Participate” applications due.
End month: The DPI posts approved SY 2019-20 direct diversion Summary End Product Data Schedules (SEPDS) to website.
Sep 2019 Event
7th day: All direct diversion processors approved for SY 2020-21.
11th day: The DPI posts the list of eligible SY 2020-21 direct diversion processors on website.
11th day:

The DPI email to all SFAs regarding SY 2020-21 direct diversion option, events and SNA fall conference/food show information. The DPI posts all information to web site. Packet includes the following information:

  • list of training session dates, times, locations, list of webcasts
  • Q, A, & E
  • School district’s responsibilities
  • Direct diversion timelines
  • Direct diversion events and registration information
  • Wisconsin Task Force on USDA Foods membership list
Oct 2019 Event
2nd week: DPI posts the SY 2020-21 direct diversion packet to DPI web site. Notification regarding availability of information sent to all SFAs. Posting will include:
  • List of eligible processors.
  • Processor’s contacts, include websites, if available.
  • Worksheet for calculating yields/pounds to commit.
  • RA procurement guidance (USDA).
  • Direct Diversion timelines (includes direct diversion agreement information and where to find agreement).
  • Inventory Carryover Policy.
Nov 2019 Event
5th day: The DPI holds Direct Diversion Training Sessions and Direct Diversion Food Show, Madison Marriott West.
15th day: USDA releases next year's USDA Foods values.
End-month: DPI emails out SY 2020-21 commercial distribution packets to all SFAs.
End-month: DPI posts the SY 2020-21 commercial distribution information to the website.
End-month: DPI sends out notification to all commercial distributors regarding availability of SY 2020-21 commercial distribution of USDA Foods information.
Dec 2019 Event
Mid-month: The DPI monitors SY 2019-20 DoD entitlement dollar spending and sends an email reminder to SFAs with no current year spending or limited current year spending.
Jan 2020 Event
1st week: DPI emails out information regarding the new program training to all SFAs.
2nd week: The DPI deadline for interested SY 2020-21 cheese processing vendors.
Feb 2020 Event
1st week: The DPI emails out SY 2020-21 annual order information to all SFAs. Annual order information posted on Wisconsin USDA Foods website.
6th-day: The DPI holds training session for new Program/new food service personnel.
10th day:  SY 2020-21 Wisconsin Annual USDA Foods Order Survey opens (tentative date).
21st day: The DPI sends email notification to all SFAs regarding due date for SY 2020-21 Direct Diversion Agreements.
24th day: SY 2020-21 Direct Diversion Agreements with DPI due back from SFAs.
26th day: SY 2020-21 Wisconsin USDA Foods Order Survey closes at midnight (tentative date).
Mar 2020 Event
Beg-month: The DPI monitors DoD entitlement dollar spending for SY 2019-20 and sends email reminders, as necessary, for SFAs to spend any unspent entitlement dollars.
Beg-month: The DPI sends out notification to all SY 2019-20 direct diversion SFAs regarding inventory carryover policy.
End-month: Deadline for SFAs to submit SY 2020-21 DPI/SFA Commercial Distribution contract to DPI.
End-month: Deadline for SFAs to update SY 2020-21 online USDA Foods agreement with distribution information.
Apr 2020 Event
1st-week: The DPI confirms SY 2020-21 commercial distribution contracts from SFAs match DPI system.
Mid-month: The DPI provides a list to all commercial distributors regarding SY 2020-21 to confirm approved contracts.
Mid-month: The DPI transfer unspent SY 2019-20 DoD entitlement dollars to other SFAs who will spend dollars.
3rd-week: Confirmation from distributors for SY 2020-21 due back to DPI.
End-month: The DPI sends email notification to all SFAs with a reminder of carryover policy and to utilize their SY 2019-20 inventory as best as possible.
End-month: The DPI sends SY 2020-21 bulk pound commitments to processors.
End-month: The DPI post SY 2020-21 direct diversion information (bulk pound commitments) to website.
End-month: The DPI sends out email notification to SFAs that the SY 2020-21 Wisconsin Annual Order Survey balance process is complete and SFAs can view adjusted numbers online.
May 2020 Event
1st week: The DPI emails out to all SFAs regarding the SY 2019-20 Commodity Allocation and Receipt Summary (CARS) report location.
Jun 2020 Event
Mid-month: The DPI sends monthly SY 2020-21 order estimates to commercial distributors.


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