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Commercial Distribution

Agencies receiving USDA Foods through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) may choose a commercial distributor to deliver their USDA Foods.  Participating agencies also still have the option of continuing with the state distribution method, wherein USDA Foods are delivered once per month via the state-contracted trucking company.


DPI does not pre-approve commercial distributors.  Therefore, all SFAs interested in Commercial Distribution need to sign an agreement with DPI. The agreement (above) outlines the requirements of the SFA, the DPI, and the commercial distributor.  Please complete and send to DPI by March 31, 2021.

Procurement Resources:

Since DPI does not pre-approve commercial distributors, all interested SFAs must follow federal, state, and local procurement regulations and contract with a commercial distributor selected by the SFA.  To assist in this process, the DPI has developed a School Food Authority Agreement Template for use in securing a commercial distributor for delivery of USDA Foods for SY 2021-22.  Please complete and keep for your records, but do NOT send to DPI


For questions about this information, contact Antonio Ante (608) 266-3615