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Title I Targeted Assistance


Title I funds in a Targeted Assistance school must be used to improve the academic achievement of identified Title I students. Students must be identified based on multiple, objective, educationally related criteria. Criteria must also be generated to determine when a student may exit the Title I program. Title I supplemental services may be delivered in a number of ways, i.e., in-class instruction; pull-out instruction; and/or extended day, week, or year instruction.

Title I teacher(s) must be highly qualified and are responsible for providing supplemental services to identified students. Title I staff must coordinate with other school personnel and involve parents in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I program. Districts with private schools must consult with private school representatives before making final determinations about the use of Title I funds.




For questions about this information, contact Title I and School Support Team (608) 267-3721