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Deadlines and Fiscal Information

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Deadline Description
July 1 Assurances, debarment, and lobbying forms are signed by district authorizer
September 30

Title I, Part A application due to DPI

Last date for submission of the final claim for the previous school year

ESEA/ESSA End-of-Year Report due to DPI

Fall DPI loads final ESEA/ESSA carryover into WISEgrants
December 14 Comparability Report due to DPI
May 1 New Title I Schoolwide applications are due for the next school year
Spring DPI loads preliminary allocations for the next school year into WISEgrants



The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) (20 U.S.C. § 6301) allows districts that do not obligate 15 percent or less of their Title I, Part A funds for a given fiscal year to carryover the unobligated funds and obligate them during the succeeding fiscal year. Districts may request a waiver to exceed the 15 percent carryover limitation once every three years. Districts receiving a Title I, Part A allocation that is less than $50,000 per year may carryover unobligated funds without limitation. Detailed provisions are available in the resource list on this page.

DPI will contact districts that need to complete a carryover waiver form.

Comparability Reporting

ESSA (20 U.S.C. § 6321) requires districts receiving Title I, Part A funds to conduct an annual review of their local and state expenditures to ensure Title I and non-Title I schools receive a distribution of those funds on an equivalent basis and to maintain documentation of the results and the action taken, if necessary, to remedy findings of non-comparability. Districts with only one school per grade span are exempt from this requirement. Comparability calculations and supporting evidence for the school year should be maintained in district records for future monitoring visits and/or audits.

Comparability Reporting Resources

  • Department of Public Instruction Title I and School Support. 2018. "Comparability Reporting." A short video presenting an overview comparability reporting (More videos are available on the Title I Shorts page.)
  • Department of Public Instruction Title I and School Support. 2018. "Comparability Reporting." A PowerPoint overview of comparability reporting
  • Department of Public Instruction Title I and School Support. 2018. "Title I Comparability Reporting." A technical assistance document providing instructions for entering data and submitting the report in WISEgrants

See the calendar of deadlines on this page for current report due dates. Contact your Title I Consultant if you have questions.