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African-American Authors of Books for Children and Young Adults

These books are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.

African-American Authors of Books for Children and Young Adults
Author Title, Description, Audience, and Call Number
Adoff, Arnold (Editor) My Black Me: A Beginning Book of Black Poetry. A collection of reflective poems on being black by such authors as Langston Hughes, Lucille Clifton, Nikki Giovanni, and Imamu Amiri Baraka. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
BR 03093
Adoff, Arnold (Editor) I Am the Darker Brother: An Anthology of Modern Poems by African Americans. Anthology of poems by African Americans expressing their views on heritage and race. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
BR 11710
Barber, Barbara E. Saturday At The New You. Shauna gets her chance to help her mother at the New You beauty parlor. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 40544
Belton, Sandra From Miss Ida's Porch. Story of Duke Ellington and segregation. Grades 2-4 and older readers.
RC 39513
Berry, James Ajeemah and His Son. In 1807, Ajeemah and his son, Atu, are captured by slave traders and shipped in chains from their African village to Jamaica. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 36259
Berry, James Classic Poems to Read Aloud. Poetry selected from many cultures. Grades 4-7.
RC 44601
Berry, James A Thief in the Village and Other Stories. A collection of nine first-person vignettes about life in rural Jamaica. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 31348
Bolden, Tonya (editor) Rites of Passage: Stories About Growing Up by Black Writer From Around the World. Stories about young black people who are growing up in different parts of the world. Strong Language. Grades 5-8.
BR 10120
Bontemps, Arna Wendell Famous Negro Athletes. Follows the careers of nine black athletes who have excelled in professional sports and have advanced the cause of racial equality. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 00035
Bontemps, Arna Wendell Golden Slippers: an Anthology of Negro Poetry for Young Readers. A collection by such poets as Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Mary Effie Lee Newsome, Countee Cullen and James Weldon Johnson. Grades 4-7.
BRA 14793
Bontemps, Arna Wendell Story of the Negro. A history of the Black race, from ancient times to the modern era. Junior and Senior High readers.
BRA 09452
Bontemps, Arna Wendell You Can't Pet a Possum. Shine boy lived alone on the farm and had no friends until he found a stray dog. Together Butch and Shine Boy hunt possums for Aunt Cindy's dinner table. Grades 3-6.
BRA 06368
Boyd, Candy Dawson Breadsticks and Blessing Places. Twelve-year-old Toni Douglas experiences life's difficulties and a tragedy. Grades 6-9.
RC 27493
Boyd, Candy Dawson Charlie Pippin. Spunky eleven-year-old Chartreuse "Charlie" Pippin is a natural businesswoman. Grades 5-8.
RC 27886
Boyd, Candy Dawson Chevrolet Saturdays. Fifth grader Joey is learning how to solve his problems at school and at home. Grades 4-7.
RC 40325
Bryan, Ashley The Cat's Purr. Based on an old West Indian folk tale, retells the story of how the cat came to purr and why cats and rats are enemies. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 24597
Bryan, Ashley The Adventures of Aku Or, How it Came About That We Shall Always See Okra the Cat Lying on a Velvet Cushion, While Okramam the Dog Sleeps Among the Ashes. An African folk tale. Grades 2-4.
BRA 16155
Bryan, Ashley The Ox of the Wonder Horns and Other African Folktales. Five folk tales from Africa retold by Ashley Bryan. Grades 3-6.
RC 40304, RD 6345
Carew, Jan The Third Gift. An African tale tells how the Jubas, a clan of herdsmen and warriors, discover the most important gift that can be granted to man. Grades 3-5.
BRA 14130
Chesnutt, Charles W.
Retold by
Shepherd, Ray Anthony
Conjure Tales. Voodoo and black magic play a prominent part in these 7 tales of black life in pre-Civil War North Carolina. Grades 5-9.
RD 07256
Childress, Alice A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich. The story of Benjie Johnson, a thirteen-year-old heroin addict in Harlem, is told from various viewpoints, including his own. Strong Language. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 09354, BRA 13822, RC 37215, RD 07472
Childress, Alice Rainbow Jordan. Based on the author's experience, this lifelike novel recreates the laughter and tears of four generations of black women. Strong Language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 18885
Childress, Alice When the Rattlesnake Sounds a Play. A one-act play about the courage of Harriet Tubman and her work for the Underground Railroad. An easy-to-stage drama. Grades 6-9.
BR 03203
Chocolate, Deborah Kwanzaa. Introduction to the celebration of Kwanzaa, the African-American holiday of the "first fruits." Grades K-3 and older readers.
BR 8911, RC 33258
Clifton, Lucille The Black BC's. Prose and poetry that celebrate the many ways that black men and women have enriched American life. Grades 3-6.
RD 6287
Clifton, Lucille The Boy Who Didn't Believe in Spring. A boy doesn't believe there is any such thing as spring until he finds it one day in a vacant lot. Grades K-3.
RD 6880
Clifton, Lucille Don't You Remember? Four-year-old Tate remembers all the promises her mother, father, and brothers make to do something "next time," but it seems that "next time" will never come. Preschool-Grade 2.
RD 10268
Clifton, Lucille Everett Anderson's Goodbye. A poem describes the pain Everett Anderson goes through after his father dies. Grades K-3.
RC 40475
Clifton, Lucille The Times They Used To Be. Mama tells her children about the old days in 1948. Grades 5-8.
RC 8804
Clinton, Catherine I, Too, Sing America: Three Centuries of African-American poetry. Thirty-five selections by twenty-five prominent poets spanning American history from colonial days through modern times. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 48399
Coleman, Evelyn The Riches of Oseola McCarty. Traces the life of Oseola McCarty, an African-American woman from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who at the age of 87, donated $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi to endow a scholarship fund for needy students. Grades 3-6.
Cooper, Floyd Coming Home: From the Life of Langston Hughes. Story of the man known as "The poet laureate of Black America." Grades K-3.
RC 39530
Cooper, Floyd Mandela: From the Life of the South African Statesman. Traces the life of Nelson Mandela from his youth in South Africa to becoming the first black president of his country and a world leader. Grades 2-4.
RC 44755
Cosby, Bill The Best Way to Play. Little Bill and his friends prefer playing in a vacant lot to expensive video games. Grades K-3.
RC 45511
Cosby, Bill The Meanest Thing to Say. Little Bill makes friends with Michael. Grades K-3.
RC 45512
Cosby, Bill The Treasure Hunt. With the help of his great-grandmother, Little Bill discovers his special talent. Grade K-3.
RC 45513
Cox, Clinton Mark Twain: America's Humorist, Dreamer, Prophet. A portrait of the celebrated nineteenth-century author and humorist. Grades 5-8.
RC 45656
Crews, Donald Bigmama's. Story of a boy's annual trek by train to visit Bigmama and Bigpapa, his grandparents. Preschool-Grade 2.
BR 8966
Cullen, Countee The Lost Zoo. Narrated in rhymed verse by the poet and his cat, this describes a few of the strange animals who missed Noah's boat, such as the Sleepa mitemore, the Ha-Ha-Ha, and the Squilililigee. Grades 2-4.
BRA 4106
Cummings, Pat Jimmy Lee Did It. A story, told in rhyme, of a little girl's search for the elusive Jimmy Lee who is blamed for mischief around her house. Preschool-Grade 2.
BR 9901
Cummings, Pat
Cummings, Linda
Talking with Adventurers. Biographical sketches of twelve men and women who enjoy exploring the world around them in such scientific careers as a rain forest ecologist, an anthropologist, or an underwater photographer. Grades 4-7.
In Process
Curtis, Christopher Paul The Watsons go to Birmingham. The whole "Weird Watson" family drives from Michigan to visit Grandma Sands in Alabama where they experience segregation and racism. Some strong language. Newberry Honor Book. Grades 5-8.
RC 41921
Davis, Ossie Just Like Martin. In 1963 Alabama, thirteen-year-old Isaac idolizes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his philosophy of nonviolence but Isaac's father, a Korean War veteran, declares nonviolence is "for cowards and sissies." Some strong language. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 36605
Dee, Ruby Tower to Heaven. Tale of an African village retold by Ruby Dee. Grades K-3.
RC 40119
Dee, Ruby Two Ways to Count to Ten. A Liberian folk tale retold by Ruby Dee. For Grades K-3.
RC 41392
Draper, Sharon M. Forged by Fire. Gerald's world changes again the day before his ninth birthday. Companion to Tears of a Tiger (BR 10779). Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 11688
Draper, Sharon M. Tears of a Tiger. The tragic story of Andy's inability to deal with his depression. Companion to Forged by Fire (BR 11688). Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 10779
Duncan, Alice Faye Willie Jerome. Willie Jerome plays his trumpet up on the tenement rooftop all day long. His sister Judy loves to listen to his "sizzlin' red hot bebop," and can't understand why the rest of her family and neighbors think he's just making loud noise. Grades K-3.
RC 44362
Ellis, Veronica Freeman Afro-Bets. First book about Africa, an introduction for younger readers. Grades K-3 and older readers.
RC 37887
Flournoy, Valerie The Patchwork Quilt. With scraps cut from the family's old clothing, Tanya and her grandmother make a beautiful quilt that brings back memories from her family's life. Grades 2-4.
BR 7110
Giovanni, Nikki Ego-tripping and Other Poems for Young People. The young poet writes of love, childhood, rock stars, Rapp Brown, and the experience of being black in America today. High school readers.
BRA 14454
Gloss, Clay
Gloss, Linda
It's Kwanzaa Time! Collection of stories, songs and poems celebrating the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Includes games and recipes. Grades 4-7 and older readers.
RC 42923
Greenfield, Eloise Africa Dream. A child tells the story of a dream, a visit to Africa. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 41928
Greenfield, Eloise Alesia. Alesia was nine when she was hit by a car and almost died but she fought to live and has a postive attitude. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 19696
Greenfield, Eloise,
Little, Lessie Jones
with material by:
Jones, Pattie Ridley
Childtimes: A Three-Generation Memoir. A grandmother, mother and daughter talk about their childhoods and their past. Grades 6-9.
RC 25458
Greenfield, Eloise First Pink Light. Story about a little boy's determination to stay up all night so he can welcome his daddy home in the morning. Preschool-Grade 2.
RD 11636
Greenfield, Eloise For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me. Poems about a child who is inspired by Michael Jordan. Grades K-3 and older readers.
BR 11035
Greenfield, Eloise Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems. Fifteen simple poems sketching important people, places, and experiences in the everyday life of a little girl. Grades 2-4.
RC 16054
Greenfield, Eloise I Can Do it By Myself. Despite obstacles, Donny is determined to buy and deliver his mother's birthday present all by himself. Grades K-3.
RD 13123
Greenfield, Eloise Mary McLeod Bethune. Biography of a woman, born shortly after the Civil War, who devoted her life to making education possible for black Americans. Grades 3-6.
RC 12065
Greenfield, Eloise Nathaniel Talking. A Collection of poems about the world as seen through the eyes of nine-year-old Nathaniel B. Free. Grades 3-6.
RC 32433
Greenfield, Eloise Night on Neighborhood Street. Poems, which weave together the sights, sounds, and smells of neighborhood street. Grades K-3 to share with older readers.
BR 8968
Greenfield, Eloise Paul Robeson. Biography of the great artist. Jane Addams Award. Grades 2-4 and older readers.
RC 33247
Greenfield, Eloise She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl. Kevin is disgusted when his mother brings a baby girl home from the hospital. Grades K-3.
RC 44361, RD 8223
Greenfield, Eloise Sister. Dorothy, a black teenager, is confused about her identify. Grades 6-9.
BRA 15327, RD 9008
Greenfield, Eloise Under the Sunday Tree. A collection of poems that celebrate Caribbean island life. Grades 2-4 to share with older readers.
BR 7543
Greenfield, Eloise William and the Good Old Days. William, who's grandmother is now sick and blind, imagines a happy day in the future when his grandmother will be able to visit in the garden. Grades K-3.
RC 48014
Grimes, Nikki Jazmin's Notebook. Jazmin, a fourteen-year-old high school student in the 1960s, dreams about her future in college. Grades 6-9.
RC 47277
Guy, Rosa And I Heard a Bird Sing. Story of Imamu Jones who becomes a suspect for murder. Sequel to New Guys Around the Block (RC 28723). Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 28713
Guy, Rosa The Disappearance. Sixteen-year old Imanmu Jones, acquitted of murder, is the prime suspect in a missing person case. Prequel to New Guys Around the Block (RC28723). Some Strong Language. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 28734
Guy, Rosa Edith Jackson. Edith, A black teenager from Harlem, works hard to keep her family together. Sequel to The Friends (RC 23131). Some Strong Language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 23132
Guy, Rosa The Friends. Snobbish Phyllisia refuses Edith's love and friendship. Prequel to Edith Jackson (RC 23132). Some Strong Language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 23131
Guy, Rosa New Guys Around the Block. When Imamu agrees to help the police solve the "phantom" burglaries, he is in for a big surprise. Sequel to The Disappearance (RC 28734). Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 28723
Guy, Rosa Paris, Pee Wee, and the Big Dog. Defying his mother, Paris just can resist joining his friends Pee Wee and Big Dog in a roller-state race down Dead Man's Hill. Grades 4-7.
RC 25091
Haley, Alex A Different Kind of Christmas. In 1855, Fletcher Randall, whose father is one of the biggest slaveholders in North Carolina, is attending Princeton. He is befriended by three Quaker brothers, who introduce him to the antislavery work of their friends and family in Pennsylvania. Randall himself becomes involved in the Underground Railroad, and in the daring escape attempt of his father's slaves on Christmas Eve. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 30568
Hamilton, Virginia Anthony Burns: the Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave. In 1854, Anthony Burns, a twenty-year-old black man, was put on trial in Boston under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Hamilton retells the day-by-day events of the trial, which polarized the city and caused a national furor among abolitionists and those determined to enforce the fugitive slave acts. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 29316
Hamilton, Virginia Arilla Sun Down. Twelve-year-old Arilla strives to earn her own place among her maverick father, a beautiful and talented mother, and a flamboyant older brother. Notable Children's Book. Grades 6-9.
RC 10919
Hamilton, Virginia The Bells of Christmas. In 1890 Ohio, Twelve-year-old Jason can not wait for Christmas to arrive. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 32472
Hamilton, Virginia Cousins. Eleven-year-old Cammy must face guilt and grief over the drowning death of her spoiled cousin Patty Ann and the reality that her beloved Gram Tut will someday die too. Grades 5-8.
RC 32595
Hamilton, Virginia The Dark: Way Stories From the Spirit World. Twenty-five eerie tales from myth, legend, and folklore gathered from around the world are retold in this collection. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 34144
Hamilton, Virginia Drylongso. This cautionary tale describes the struggles of young Lindy and her family to survive on their drought-stricken farm during the summer of 1975. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 37156
Hamilton, Virginia Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales. A Collection of folk tales, fairy tales, and true stories of legendary woman. Laura Ingals Wilder Award and Coretta Scott King Award. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 43189
Hamilton, Virginia The House of Dies Drear. A teenage boy moves with his family to Dies Drear, where an abolitionist of the same name once operated an underground station. Prequel to Mystery of Drear House (BR 7008, RC 26358). Edgar Allan Poe Award. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
BRA 15778, RC 33494
Hamilton, Virginia Jaguarundi. Rundi Jaguarundi is worried because the rain forest is slowly disappearing. Grades 2-4.
RC 40437
Hamilton, Virginia Junius Over Far. Fourteen-year-old Junius misses Grandfather Jackabo, who raised him in Ohio while his parents worked. Now very old, Jackabo has returned to his beloved native Island in the Caribbean. Than Junius and his family receive a letter from Jackabo, indicating that he is in danger and that something is terribly wrong on the island. Some strong language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 23741
Hamilton, Virginia A Little Love. Sheema has been raised by two loving grandparents, but now, in her teens, she has a growing urge to find her father, who left home when she was born. She convinces her boyfriend to help her track him down--but it is the journey itself, rather than its goal, that proves special. Some descriptions of sex. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 23302
Hamilton, Virginia M. C. Higgins, the Great. Thirteen-year-old M. C. hopes a visiting folklorist can make his mama a recording star so his family can escape the menace of a nearby strip mine. Newbery Medal winner. Grades 6-9.
BR 2749, RC 36699, RD 7696
Hamilton, Virginia The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl. Pretty Pearl, a spunky African child god, travels to America atop a slave ship to learn more about humankind. She disguises herself as a human and lives with a band of free black folk in their forest stronghold. An Imaginative tale that blends history and mythology. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 23813
Hamilton, Virginia Many Thousand Gone African Americans from Slavery to Freedom. Collection of sketches tracing the history of African Americans from the earliest days of slavery to the Emancipation Proclamation. Relates the lives of Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, a prince born in Africa, and other African Americans who struggled for freedom, including Elizabeth Freeman, Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth, Dred Scott, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglas. Grades 4-7 and older readers.
BR 10492
Hamilton, Virginia The Mystery of Drear House. The conclusion of the Dies Drear chronicle. Sequel to House of Dies Drear (BR 15778, RC 33494). Grades 5-8.
BR 7008, RC 26358
Hamilton, Virginia The People Could Fly. African-American folk tales. Grades 4-7 and older interested readers.
BR 6518
Hamilton, Virginia Plain City. The revelation that her father is not dead turns Buhlaire-Marie Sims' life upside down. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 37904
Hamilton, Virginia A Ring of Tricksters. Animal tales form America, the West Indies, and Africa. Grades 3-6.
RC 46349
Hamilton, Virginia Second Cousins. In this sequel to Cousins (RC 32595), Cammy and her third cousin Elodie are now twelve and still recovering from the drowning death of their cousin Patty Ann. As the girls eagerly await a family reunion, they meet a New York girl who seems tied to Cammy's divorced dad. Grades 5-8.
RC 48613
Hamilton, Virginia Time-Ago Lost: More Tales of Jahdu. Mama Luka, who takes care of Lee Edward in a "fine, good place called Harlem," reaches into the air to catch the stories she tells Lee Edward about the hero Jahdu. Grades 3-5.
RC 08031
Hamilton, Virginia The Time-Ago Tales of Jahdu. Each day Mama Luke tells Edward a different story about the mischievous pranks and exciting escapes of magical Jadhu in African jungles in Harlem. Grades 2-4.
BRA 3902, RC 8031
Hamilton, Virginia When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing: The Adventures of Bruh Sparrow, Sis Wren, and Their Friends. Based on African American folktales collected by journalist Martha Young. Grades 2-4.
RC 45076
Hamilton, Virginia Willie Bea and the Time the Martians Landed. On Halloween night, 1938, an extended black family reunited in Ohio hears the news that Martians have landed in New Jersey. It is the famous Orson Welles hoax, but--like so many others--Willie Bea and her family don't know that. They experience a night of terror in which protective Willie Bea becomes a heroine. Grades 5-8.
RC 23390
Hamilton, Virginia The Writings of W. E. B. Du Bois. Selected essays, articles, speeches, and excerpts of social injustice by the eloquent black leader who founded the NAACP. High school and adult readers.
BRA 14080
Hamilton, Virginia Zeely. Geeder Perry visits his Uncle Ross for the summer and meets Zeely Tayber; who Geeder is convinced is a queen. Grades 4-7.
RC 43034
Hansen, Joyce Between Two Fires; Black Soldiers in the Civil War. History of the 180,000 black men who joined the United States Colored Troops and earned a record of distinction. Junior and Senior readers.
RC 43131
Hansen, Joyce The Captive. In 1788 West Africa, twelve-year-old Kofi, an Ashanti boy, is sold into slavery by his father's own slave. After a few years of servitude in Massachusetts, Kofi manages to escape and is rescued by Paul Cuffe, an African-Indian ship captain who abhors injustice. Grades 5-8.
Hansen, Joyce The Gift-Giver. Doris wants to do all the things her friends on 163rd street in the Bronx do--mainly stay out late after school and hang around the playground. It takes a new boy in the neighborhood, a foster child, to teach Doris about loving her family and letting them love her. Grades 4-7 and older readers.
RC 22561
Hansen, Joyce Out From This Place. The Civil War and Reconstruction challenges the newly freed African-Americans. Easter, fourteen, must discover for herself where the path away from slavery leads. Sequel to: Which Way Freedom? (25755). Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 31802
Hansen, Joyce Which Way Freedom. Realistic novel of black participation in the Civil War. When their Southern master decides to sell them at the outbreak of the war, Obi Jennings and a young girl named Easter flee--only to be snared by Confederate Soldiers. Prequel to: Out From This Place (31802). Grades 5-8.
RC 25755
Hansen, Joyce Yellow Bird and Me. Sixth-grader Doris misses her best friend Amir, who moved from their Bronx neighborhood into a group home in upstate New York. Meanwhile, basketball-crazy Yellow Bird, who has problems reading even though he's smart, keeps bugging Doris to help him study. Sequel to: Gift Giver (22561). Grades 4-7.
RC 25876
Hardy, James Earl Boyz II Men. Describes the development of the singers who in a four-year period became a best-selling vocal group. Their success is credited to had work and a belief in God. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
Haskins, James The Story of Stevie Wonder. Biography of the blind composer, pianist, and singer. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 11600
Haynes, David Right By My Side: A Novel. Marshall must adjust to the changes in his family when his mother deserts them. Strong Language. High school and older readers.
RC 37293
Hodge, Merle For the Life of Laetitia. In order to go to high school, twelve- year-old Laetitia "Lacey" Johnson must move to La Puerta to live with her father, whom she hardly knows. Grades 6-9.
RC 48990
Hopkins, Lee Bennett (Compiler) On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love. Selection of twenty-two poems by black writers celebrating pride and love. Includes unknown young writers. Grades 4-8.
RC 12587
Howard, Elizabeth F. Chita's Christmas Tree. Christmas of 1900, in Baltimore, as experienced by Chita, the daughter of one of the city's first black doctors. Prequel to Pap Tells Chita a Story (RC 45245). Grades K-3.
RC 32775
Howard, Elizabeth F. Papa Tells Chita a Story. In this sequel to Chita's Christmas Tree (RC 32775), Chita's father tells her about his adventure in the Spanish-American War. Grades K-3.
RC 45245
Hru, Dakari The Magic Moonberry Jump Ropes. Magical African jump ropes bring new friends. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 43020
Hughes, Langston The Dream Keeper and Other Poems. Hughes selected this collection for young people. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 7847, RC 30158
Hughes, Langston The First Book of Jazz. The author relates what jazz is, how it came about, and talks about some jazz musicians. Grades 4-7.
BR 3055, RC 12523
Hughes, Langston The Sweet and Sour Animal Book. A book of poems about animals whose names start with every letter of the alphabet except X. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 41245
Hunter, Kristin Boss Cat. When the family cat destroys Mom's wig, she says the cat has to go but than Dad helps Mom make friends with the cat. Grades 4-6.
BR 1971
Hunter, Kristin Guests in the Promised Land. Eleven short stories explore what it means to grow up black in a white world. Grades 6-9.
RD 7165
Hunter, Kristin The Survivors. Two tough survivors, a thirteen-year old crippled street boy and a respectable black woman, adopt each other. Some strong language. High school and adult readers.
RD 9921
Hurmence, Belinda Dixie in the Big Pasture. Twelve-year-old Dixie moves from Chattanooga to the Oklahoma Territory where her parents try homesteading. Grades 5-8.
RC 41226
Hurmence, Belinda A Girl Called Boy. A pampered young black girl who gets lost in the mountains of North Carolina is mysteriously transported back to the days of slavery. Based on the oral histories and plantation records of actual slaves. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 24507
Hurmence, Belinda Tancy. At the end of the Civil War, Tancy, a young slave girl finally freed, looks for her mother who was mysteriously sold when Tancy was a baby. She discovers the meaning of freedom and the dangers of illusions during her search. Junior and Senior readers.
RC 23328
Hurmence, Belinda Tough Tiffany. Eleven-year-old Tiffany is the youngest child in a poor Southern black family. She is tough, but she longs to be cute and sweet like her sisters. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
BR 5274, RC 18883
Igus, Toyomi Two Mrs. Gibsons. A girl recalls growing up with a Japanese mother and an African-American grandmother and explains how their love for her overcame racial barriers. Preschool-Grade 2.
BR 11006
Johnson, Angela Gone From Home, Short Takes. Twelve short stories about quirky characters who are in need of help. Junior and Senior High readers.
Johnson, Angela Heaven. Fourteen-year-old Marley is content with her life in Heaven, Ohio, until she finds out that her parents are really her aunt and uncle and she feels they have been deceiving her. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades 5-8.
In Process
Johnson, Angela Julius. Maya's granddaddy brings her a big Alaskan pig. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 38526
Johnson, Angela The Leaving Morning. A family says goodbye to their old house, neighbors, friends and relatives before movers take them to their new home. Preschool-Grade 2 to share with older readers.
BR 8965
Johnson, Angela Songs of Faith. Doreen must come to terms with the absence of her father and learns to have faith in the power of love. Grades 5-8.
BR 11724
Johnson, Angela Tell Me a Story, Mama. At bedtime, a young girl and her mother remember together their favorite family stories from the mother's childhood. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 31368
Johnson, Angela Toning the Sweep. Emily, her mother and Grandmama Ola come together to close up Ola's house and they find strength to face the past and the future. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 37726
Joseph, Lynn An Island Christmas. Rosie prepares to celebrate a Caribbean Christmas on the island of Trinidad. Grades K-3 and older readers.
RC 36424
Joseph, Lynn A Wave in Her Pocket: Stories from Trinidad. Six tales from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 36290
King, Coretta Scott The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Selections from King's speeches and writings, including a chronology of his life. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
BR 10758
Lester, Julius Black Cowboy, Wild Horses: A True Story. Story based on the life of a former slave, Bob Lemmons, who becomes a cowboy. Grades 2-4 and older readers.
RC 46423
Lester, Julius Further Tales of Uncle Remus: the Misadventures of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, the Doodang, and Other Creatures. This is the third volume of the Brer Rabbit tales, retold in contemporary black dialect. Sequel to More Tales of Uncle Remus (RC 29743). Grades 5-8 and older.
RC 39198
Lester, Julius How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have? And Other Tales. Collection of African and Jewish folk tales. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 32394
Lester, Julius John Henry. Story of a strong African American man. Grades K-3.
BR 9934
Lester, Julius The Knee-High Man, and Other Tales. A collection of six animal tales in black folklore. Grades 3-6.
RC 41039, RD 6345
Lester, Julius The Last Tales of Uncle Remus. Fourth volume of the Brer Rabbit tales. Sequel to Further Tales of Brer Rabbit (RC 39198). Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 39229
Lester, Julius More Tales of Uncle Remus. Modern retelling of thirty-seven Brer Rabbit tales. Sequel to Tales of Uncle Remus (RC 26183). Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 29743
Lester, Julius The Tales of Uncle Remus: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit. Contemporary retelling of forty-eight Brer Rabbit tales. Prequel to More Tales of Brer Rabbit (RC 29743). Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 26183
Lester, Julius This Strange New Feeling. Three love stories, based on actual historic incidents, about African American slave couples who gain freedom. Grades 6-9.
RC 44740
Lester, Julius To Be A Slave. Excerpts from the words of slaves are arranged chronologically to record the history of black bondage from capture to auction, from servitude to freedom. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 7247, BRA 16729, RC 27538
Lyons, Mary E. Letters From a Slave Girl: The Story of Harriet Jacobs. Novel based on Jacobs's autobiography (Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl--RC 31142). Beginning when she is eleven, Jacobs writes letters to both living and dead family members. The letters form a journal of her life. Junior and Senior High readers.
Mathis, Sharon Bell The Hundred Penny Box. Michael tries hard to save 100-year-old Aunt Dew's most prized possession, an old box containing a penny for each year of her life, when his mother decides to replace it with a new one. Grades 3-6.
RC 10920
Mathis, Sharon Bell Listen For the Fig Tree. A 16-year-old black girl's first celebration of Kwanzaa gives her pride and strength enough to deal with her alcoholic mother and her own blindness. Some Strong Language. High School readers.
BRA 14353, RD 8265
Mathis, Sharon Bell Ray Charles. Biography of the world-famous musician. Grades 2-5.
BR 4236, RC 9584
Mathis, Sharon Bell Sidewalk Story. Nine-year-old Lilly Etta finds a way to help her best friend Tanya and Tanya's family when they are evicted from their apartment. Grades 2-4.
RC 26920
Mathis, Sharon Bell Teacup Full of Roses. When Davey's eldest brother, who is addicted to heroine, steals his college tuition money, he confronts his brother's pusher. Junior and Senior High readers.
RD 6689
McKissack, Patricia Black Diamond: The Story of the Negro Baseball Leagues. Describes the teams, players, and competition that existed from the nineteenth century until their dismantlement almost 100 years later. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 49035
McKissack, Patricia Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters. An 1859 Virginia plantation prepares for Christmas amid talk of war and the slaves talk of freedom. Grades 3-6.
RC 40586
McKissack, Patricia
McKissack, Frederick
The Civil Rights Movement in America From 1865 to the Present. Beginning just after the Civil War and continuing to the present, the author describes the struggle for civil right for all minorities and people with disabilities. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 7274, RC 27359
McKissack, Patricia Flossie and the Fox. Big Mama sends Flossie to deliver a basket of eggs to Miz Viola and warns her about the fox terrorizing Miz Viola's chickens. Flossie has never seen a fox before, so when she meets a strange animal claiming to be one, she insists on proof. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 26527
McKissack, Patricia
McKissack, Frederick
A Long Hard Journey: The Story of the Pullman Porter. The story of the Pullman's sleeping cars and the organization of the first African-American-controlled labor union. Grades 5-8.
RC 32703
McKissack, Patricia
McKissack, Frederick
The Royal Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhay: Life in Medieval Africa. Explains origins, customs, people, and political history of the civilizations that flourished, between A.D. 500 and 1700, on the fertile strip of land south of the Sahara Desert between the Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Grades 6-9.
RC 40660
McKissack, Patricia
McKissack, Frederick
Young, Black, and Determined: A Biography of Lorraine Hansberry. Biography of the African American playwright. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
BR 11822
Medearis, Angela Shelf
Medearis, Michael R.
Cooking. Discusses the influence of African-based foods and cooking techniques on American food. Includes recipes. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 46931
Medearis, Angela Shelf Dare to Dream: Coretta Scott King and the Civil Rights Movement. Biography of Coretta Scott King. Grades 3-6.
RC 41326
Medearis, Angela Shelf Poppa's New Pants. Poppa is surprised to receive help hemming his new pants. Preschool-Grade 2.
RC 41905
Medearis, Angela Shelf Skin Deep and Other Teenage Reflections Poems. Collection of poems about the problems teenagers face. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 11070
Mitchell, Margaree King Uncle Jed's Barbershop. Depsite great hardships and with much hard work over many years, Uncle Jed finally realizes his dream of opening a barbershop. Grades K-3 and older readers.
BR 9921
Mollen, Tololwa The Orphan Boy: A Masai Story. The old man is delighted that the orphan boy, Kileken, has come to his compound to live and is overcome with curiosity about the boy's mysterious powers. Grades 2-4.
RC 36511
Mollel, Tololwa A Promise to the Sun: An African Story. An African folk tale that explains why bats only come out at night. Grades K-3.
RC 37642
Myers, Walter Dean Amistad, A Long Road to Freedom. An account of a group of Africans who seized control of the ship that brought them to the United States in 1839. Describes their lives prior to capture in their homeland, their hopes of returning to Africa, and the struggle that took them to the Supreme Court. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 46426
Myers, Walter Dean At Her Majesty's Request: An African Princess in Victorian England. The life of an African princess who was about to be killed in a ritual sacrifice in 1850 when Commander Forbes rescued her, took her to England, and presented her to Queen Victoria as Sarah Forbes Bonita. The queen became Sarah's protector and godmother to her first child. Grades 5-8.
RC 48916
Myers, Walter Dean Crystal. Crystal Brown, a beautiful, black, sixteen-year-old girl is a top fashion model and on the brink of becoming a movie star; however, she is being managed out of her youth and integrity by her mother who wants her to succeed at any cost. Junior and Senior High school readers.
RC 27909
Myers, Walter Dean Darnell Rock Reporting. Darnell Rock, who is not doing well in middle school, gains confidence when he is encouraged to work on the school paper. Grades 4-7.
BR 10315
Myers, Walter Dean Fallen Angels. Ritchie Perry, a black youth from Harlem, enlists in the army and is sent to Vietnam where he struggles to survive racist officers, pitched battles, guerrilla raids, and multiple wounds. Strong Language and Violence. High school and older readers.
RC 29775
Myers, Walter Dean Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff. When Francis moves to 116th Street, he makes the best friends of his life, gets a cool nickname, lands in jail because of modern science, experiences the death of a friend, and falls in and out of love. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 47033, RD 8483
Myers, Walter Dean The Glory Field. Follows the history of a family, beginning in 1753, through the lives of six teenagers. Grades 5-8.
RC 40028
Myers, Walter Dean Hoops, A Novel. A father-son relationship develops between Lonnie Jackson and his high school basketball coach. Some strong language and descriptions of sex. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 6545, RC 34574
Myers, Walter Dean It Ain't All For Nothin'. A young black boy must decide whether to go along with his father, a minor-league criminal, or to turn his father in and risk the consequences. Some strong language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 15434
Myers, Walter Dean The Journal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy. In 1871, sixteen-year-old Joshua Loper goes on his first cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail and must contend with prejudice from the white trail boss along with the physical hardships and dangers of being a cowhand. Grades 4-7.
In Process
Myers, Walter Dean The Legend of Tarik. To avenge the murder of his family, Tarik must seek a magic sword, a priceless crystal, and a black horse. Some Violence. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 44203
Myers, Walter Dean Malcolm X; By Any Means Necessary: A Biography. Biography of the Nation of Islam leader, a chief critic of the nonviolent tactics of Martin Luther King. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 36735
Myers, Walter Dean Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid. T.J. and his younger brother Moondance, who have recently been happily adopted, are friends with Mop, who is still at the orphanage anxiously awaiting adoption. Grades 4-7.
RC 31502
Myers, Walter Dean Mojo and the Russians. Story about a gang of kids in Harlem who get mixed up with black magic and Russian spies. Grades 6-9.
RC 13352
Myers, Walter Dean Monster. Sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon sits in jail accused of being a lookout in a deadly robbery. An aspiring filmmaker, Steve, reviews his time in jail as a movie script. He wonders if he has become the monster that the prosecutor has made him out to be. Senior High readers.
In Process
Myers, Walter Dean Mop, Moondance, and the Nagasaki Knights. While playing a baseball tournament, the characters from Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid (RC 31502), worry about a mother's pregnancy and a friend who is homeless. Grades 4-7.
RC 36433
Myers, Walter Dean Motown and Didi, a Love Story. Romance, adventures, and problems of Motown, a Harlem "street kid," and Didi, a young woman who dreams of going away to college. Strong Language. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 28677
Myers, Walter Dean The Mouse Rap. The eventful summer of Mouse, a fourteen-year-old Harlem youth. Grades 6-9.
RC 35328
Myers, Walter Dean Now it is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom. Against the historical backdrop of the constant struggle of African-Americans for freedom and equality, Myers weaves the personal stories of influential and ordinary people--slaves, soldiers, inventors, artists, and political leaders. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 9071, RC 35154
Myers, Walter Dean The Outside Shot. More basketball action as high school star Lonnie Jackson is recruited by and earns a scholarship to a small Midwestern college. Sequel to Hoops (BR 6545, RC 34574). Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 6647
Myers, Walter Dean The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner. Spoof of the wild west. Some Violence. Grades 4-7.
RC 36525
Myers, Walter Dean Scorpions. Randy, in prison for robbery, wants his brother Jamal to take his place as gang leader of the Scorpions. Strong Language. Junior and Senior readers.
RC 28940
Myers, Walter Dean Slam! When Harlem basketball talent Greg "Slam" Harris transfers to a magnet high school in the Bronx, everyone expects him to do well and go on to college. But Slam is feeling pressure in school and at home, then discovers that his best friend is dealing drugs. Senior High readers.
In Process
Myers, Walter Dean Somewhere in the Darkness. Jimmy travels from Chicago to Arkansas with his father, Crab, who has escaped from prison in an attempt to clear his name and win his sons respect. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
RC 36958
Myers, Walter Dean The Story of the Three Kingdoms. Folk tale explains how humans gained dominion over the three kingdoms of animals. Grades K-3.
RC 42064
Myers, Walter Dean The Young Landlords. Members of the "Action Group" are the proud owners of a run-down Harlem apartment building, which they bought for the grand sum of one dollar. Grades 6-9.
RC 23501
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux Always Gramma. A young girl tells of her grandmother's increasing forgetfulness and confusion, to the point when she can no longer take care of herself. But she also remembers the good times when they walked barefoot in the creek and the yellow cakes Gramma always made for birthdays. Preschool-Grade 2 to share with older readers.
RC 40368
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux Mayfield Crossing. When their school closes in 1960, fourth-grader Meg and her friends go to the newer Parkview school where the students don't welcome newcomers and don't want them to join in their baseball games. Especially shunned as the only African American in her class, Meg slowly changes her opinion about someone she has always avoided because he was different. Grades 4-7.
RC 40368
Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux Possibles. Shortly before Mary Sheppard Lee (Sheppy) graduates from grammar school, her father dies of cancer. Instead of going to camp with her friend Tess for the summer, Sheppy takes a job helping a young woman, Connie, with a broken leg. Sheppy has a lot of troubles to sort through; her mother, brother, and Tess won't talk about her father; Connie has a secret reason to be crabby; and another friend is having family problems. Grades 3-6.
BR 10657, RC 42811
Olaleye, Isaac The Distant Talking Drum: Poems From Nigeria. Fifteen poems about children that celebrate the sights, sounds, food, and life of a farming village in the rain forest. Grades 2-5.
RC 42915
Parks, Rosa Rosa Parks: My Story. Biography of the civil rights activist who sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and helped launch the civil rights movement. Grades 4-7 and older readers.
RC 38581
Patterson, Lillie Martin Luther King, Jr.: Man of Peace. A biography of Dr. King. Grades 3-5.
BR 01146
Petry, Ann Lane The Drugstore Cat. Endearing story about Buzzie, the new drugstore cat, who has a short tail and an even shorter temper that lands him in trouble. Grades 2-5.
RD 13168
Petry, Ann Lane Harriet Tubman, Conducter on the Underground Railroad. The life of a black slave woman who helped fellow slaves to freedom by working as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, which transported men and women to the North. Grades 6-9.
BR 7764, BRA 2418, RC 2890
Petry, Ann Lane Tituba of Salem Village. Fictionalized biography of the slave soman from Barbados who became a central figure in the Salem witch trials of 1692. The author deals with a story of innocence, malevolence, racial prejudice, and the terror of witchcraft in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Grades 6-9.
BRA 5545, RC 27924
Pinkeye, Andrea Davis Dear Benjamin Banneker. A biography of Benjamin Banker who used his knowledge of astronomy and weather to publish an almanac to show that black people could study and learn if they were free. Grades 2-4.
RC 42505
Pinkeye, Andrea Davis Duke Ellington: the Piano Prince and his Orchestra. Recounts the life of Edward Kennedy Wellington, who became known as "Duke". Grades 2-4.
RC 47297
Pinkney, Andrea Davis Hold Fast To Dreams. Twelve-year-old Dee Wills moves from Baltimore to Wexford, Connecticut where she must adjust to a new school, friends, and activities. Grades 5-8.
BR 10413
Pinkney, Brian Jojo's Flying Sidekick. JoJo learns Tae Kwon Do. Grade K-3.
RC 42920
Pinkney, Jerry Rikki-tikki-tavi. Adapted from a story by Rudyard Kipling about a mongoose found by an English family in India whose courage endears him to everyone. Grades 2-4.
BR 11015
Porter, Connie Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story. When Addy Walker and her mother arrive in Philadelphia to befin life as free people, Sarah Moore and her mother meet them. The Moores help Mrs. Walker find a job, and Sarah takkes Addy to school. But will Addy snub Sarah in order to be friends with the rich girls? Sequel to Meet Addy (RC 43821, BR 10881). Grades 2-4.
BR 10882, RC 43822
Porter, Connie Addie Saves the Day: A Summer Story. Addy, a former slave now living in post-Civil War Philadelphia, helps with a church fair to benefit families separated by the war. The children plan to make spool puppets and put on a show, but Harriet, Addy's desk partner, thinks that is silly. Then tragedy strikes, and the girls must work together. Sequel to Happy Birthday, Addy! (RC 43824, BR 10884). Grades 2-4.
BR 10885
Porter, Connie Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story. Their first Christmas as free people is approaching, and Addy Walker and her mother are busy helping Mrs. Ford finish her holiday orders. The Walkers have been saving to buy a lamp, but when a boatload of freedmen arrive, Addy and her mother decide to help them instead. Sequel to Addy Learns a Lesson (RC 43822, BR 10882). Grades 2-4.
BR 10883, RC 43823
Porter, Connie Changes for Addy: A Winter Story. Addy hopes her family, separated by slavery and the Civil War, can be together for Christmas. Sequel to Addy Saves the Day (RC 43825, BR 10885). Grades 2-4.
BR 10886, RC 43826
Porter, Connie Happy Birthday, Addy! A Springtime Story. Addy, Momma, and Poppa are now living as free people in a Philadelphia house. It is like being a family again, except that Sam and baby Esther are still missing. Addy makes friends with the landlord's mother, M'dear, who encourages Addy to select a special day for her birthday. Sequel to Addy's Surprise (RC 43823, BR 10883). Grades 2-4.
BR 10884, RC 43824
Porter, Connie Meet Addy, An American Girl. Nine-year-old Addy lives on a North Carolina plantation. In the summer of 1864, when her father and brother are sold and taken away, Addy and her mother leave Addy's baby sister with relative and begin a dangerous trip to freedom. Prequel to Addy Learns a Lesson (RC 43822, BR 10882). Grades 2-4.
BR 10881, RC 43821
Price, Leontyne Aida. Retelling of Verdi's opera Aida. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades 4-7.
BR 8936, RC 33189
Ringgold, Faith Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky. In this sequel to Tar Beach (BR 8940), Cassie meets Harriet Tubman. Grades 2-4.
BR 10381
Ringgold, Faith Tar Beach. The author draws upon her childhood in Harlem in this tale of a young black girl who dreams of flying above New York City. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades K-3.
BR 8940
Rochelle, Belinda When Jo Louis Won the Title. Jo Louis is unhappy starting school because she knows everyone will make fun of her name. But than her grandfather tells her about the boxer Joe Louis and the night he won the championship. Grades K-3.
RC 40784
Rollins, Charlemae Hill Famous American Negro Poets. Biographical sketches and examples of the work of twelve black poets. Grades 5-8.
BR 2016
Ruffins, Reynold The Chess Book. A clear text for beginners which explains moves and strategy of a sample game. Grades 4-8.
BR 2596
Ruffins, Reynold
Sarnoff, Jane
The Monster Riddle Book. Riddles about vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, mummies, and other monsters. Grades 4-7.
BRA 14564, RC 10822
Ruffins, Reynold
Sarnoff, Jane
Words: A Book About the Orgins of Everyday Words and Phrases. Traces the origin of common American-English words and phrases. Grades 5-8 and older readers.
RC 18589
Shaik, Fatima Melitte. Melitte is a young slave who lives with a couple she calls Monsieur and Madame on their failing farm in Louisiana in the 1700s. Madame's cruelty makes Melitte long to run away, but when Marie is born to the couple, Melitte falls in love with her. Grades 5-8.
BR 11839
Smalls-Hector, Irene Irene and the Big, Fine Nickel. When Irene and her friend have a disagreement, Irene remembers what her grandmother told her about being mean. Grades K-3.
RC 47693
Smothers, Ethel Footman Down in the Piney Woods. Ten-year-old Annie Rye's experiences on a farm in George where her daddy is a sharecropper. Prequel to Moriah's Pond (RC 41679). Grades 5-8.
RC 41647
Smothers, Ethel Footman Moriah's Pond. In this sequel to Down in Piney Woods (RC 41647), Annie Rye stays with her great-grandmother, Moriah. Grades 4-7.
RC 41679
Stepto, Michele (Editor) African-American Voices. Excerpts from the works of Langston Hughes, Frederick Douglass, Gwendolyn Brooks, and other selected to illustrate the heritage and tradition of African American literature. High School and older readers.
RC 44756
Steptoe, Javaka (Illustrator) In Daddy's Arms I Am Tall: African Americans Celebrating Fathers. Thirteen poems in praise of fathers. Contains short biographical notes about the poets. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades K-3 and older readers.
BR 12035
Tate, Eleanore E. A Blessing in Disguise. Twelve-year-old Zambia Brown is being raised by her aunt and uncle in a small South Carolina town, but she longs to join the exciting life of her nightclub-owner father. Grades 6-9.
BR 10248, RC 45827
Tate, Eleanora E. The Secret of Gumbo Grove. When Eleven-year-old Raisin helps clean up the old Baptist church cemetery, she discovers a wealth of black history. Grades 5-8.
RC 27484
Tate, Eleanora E. Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! Fourth grader Mary Eloise Avery learns to be proud of her African-American heritage. Grades 4-7.
RC 37841
Taylor, Mildred D. The Friendship. Cassie Logan and her brothers witness a moving confrontation between Mr. Tom Bee, an elderly black man, and Mr. John Wallace, the white storekeeper in Mississippi in the 1930s. Grades 5-8.
BR 7258, RC 27508
Taylor, Mildred D. The Gold Cadillac. A young black girl recalls the racial injustice she saw and experienced in 1950, when her father bought a gold Cadillac and drove it south to visit relatives in Mississippi. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 28673
Taylor Mildred D. Let the Circle be Unbroken. Cassie Logan continues the story of her Southern black family in the depths of the depression. Sequel to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Grades 6-9.
BR 6355, RC 17849
Taylor, Mildred D. Mississippi Bridge. A disturbing tale of racism in Mississippi during the 1930s told by Jerry Simms, a ten-year-old white boy. Companion to Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. Grades 5-7 and older readers.
BR 8560, RC 32807
Taylor, Mildred D. Road to Memphis. Cassie Logan, now a senior, recounts the harrowing events of 1941 as she aspires to become a lawyer. Sequel to Let the Circle Be Unbroken. Coretta Scott King Award. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 8470, RC 32965
Taylor, Mildred D. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Cassie Logan tells the story of her family's struggle to survive, with their dignity and independence in tact, in Mississippi during the Great Depression. Newberry Award. Grades 6-9.
BR 6283, BR 11509, RC 10893
Taylor, Mildred D. Song of the Trees. Another story of Cassie Logan and her family during the Great Depression. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 40146
Taylor, Mildred D. The Well: David's Story. During the 1910 drought, David Logan's family has the only water well working in his part of Mississippi. The black family is willing to share their water with all their neighbors, but Charlie Simms, whose family is white, treats the Logans with disrespect, and soon Charlie's taunting of David's brother, Hammer, results in an explosive situation. Companion to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Grades 3-6.
RC 41451
Thomas, Joyce Carol Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea. A dozen poems evoking visions of an African-American home. Grades K-3.
RC 40134
Thomas, Joyce Carol The Golden Pasture. Twelve-year-old Carlton Lee Jefferson, the son of a Cherokee mother who disappeared after his birth and a black father who has never forgiven his wife or son, learns to understand his father when he cares for an injured Appaloosa horse on his grandfather's ranch. Junior and Senior High.
RC 26820
Thomas, Joyce Carol Marked by Fire. When tragedy strikes Abby, her proud black, rural Oklahoma neighbors gather around to protect her. A celebration of black womanhood. High School and older readers.
RC 21117
Turner, Glennette Tilley Take a Walk in Their Shoes. Minibiographies of fourteen notable African-Americans. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 33635
Van Peebles, Melvin A Bear for the FBI. A novel about growing up in a Chicago ghetto, through a boy's memories of the terrors and trials of his life from the time he was "the worst fighter in the second grade" through his college years. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 1164
Vroman, Mary Elizabeth Harlem Summer. A novel of a black youth from Alabama who spends the summer working in Harlem where his encounter with the conplexities of life in the North broadens his understanding of his race and his world. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 00943
Walter, Mildred Pitts Brother to the Wind. More than anything else. Emeke wants to fly. Heedless of his father's and his friends' skepticism, he strongly believes that Good Snake, in whom his grandmother has abiding faith, will grant any wish. Grades 2-4.
RC 27480
Walter, Mildred Pitts Have a Happy--a Novel. Chris has a happy birthday, a merry Christmas and a wonderful Kwanzaa, even though his father is temporarily out of work. Grades 3-6 and older readers.
RC 33388
Walter, Mildred Pitts Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World. Justin hates housework and feels that the reason his mother and two sisters do it better is because it's "women's work." When he visits his grandfather on his ranch, he is taught, to feel differently about cooking and cleaning. He also learns about the history of his family and other "Exodusters" who moved West after the Civil War, and about several famous black cowboys. Grades 3-6.
RC 26053
Walter, Mildred Pitts Lillie of Watts: A Birthday Discovery. Although Lillie's 11th birthday begins very happily, she is in disgrace by the end of the day, and hardly anything is her fault. Grades 4-6.
RD 6455
Watts, Mildred Pitts Lillie of Watts Takes a Giant Step. A black junior high student joins the African-American Culture Club and develops a new pride in herself. Grades 4-6.
RD 6113
Walter, Mildred Pitts Mississippi Challenge. Documents the struggle of African-Americans in Mississippi to overcome pervasive racism and gain the right to vote. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
RC 36631
Walter, Mildred Pitts Second Daughter: the Story of a Slave Girl. Fictionalized account of slave Elizabeth Freeman, who in 1781 sued her owner for freedom under the Massachusetts Constitution and won. Grades 6-9.
RC 43000
Walter, Mildred Pitts Trouble's Child. Fifteen-year-old Martha, who lives in a small island village in the Louisiana bayous, longs to go to high school to broaden her world. Grades 6-9 and older readers.
BR 7761
Walter, Mildred Pitts Ty's One-Man Band. An original American folk tale in which a boy discovers a peg-legged stranger who claims to be a one-man-band. Grades K-3 and older readers.
RC 22727
Wilkinson, Brenda Ludell. Portrays Ludell Wilson with her relatives, neighbors, and classmates and the poor, scrappy days in their black community in Georgia. Prequel to Ludell and Willie (RC 12468). Grades 5-8.
RC 12434
Wilkinson, Brenda Ludell and Willie. Ludell, a spunky high school senior, is in love with Willie, the boy next door. Their love grows despite the obstacle of Ludell's very strict and ailing grandmother. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 12468
Williams-Garcia, Rita Fast Talk on a Slow Track. Denzel Watson, valedictorian of his senior class, is headed for Princeton. But after spending six weeks of the summer attending the Princeton Experience program for minorities, Denzel wonders if he is cut out for college. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 40486
Williams-Garcia, Rita Like Sisters on the Homefront. Fourteen-year-old Gayle is sent from her home in Jamaica, New York to stay with her minister uncle in Georgia. Her straight-laced relatives disgust Gayle but by summer's end, Gayle's whole world has been turned upside down. Some strong language. Junior and Senior High readers.
RC 43031
Woodson, Jacqueline From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun. Thirteen-year-old Melanin Sun is forced to come to terms with differences in sexual preferences and race. Coretta Scott King Award. Junior and Senior High readers.
BR 10808
Woodson, Jacqueline I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This. Twelve-year-old Marie helps her friend Lena find a way out of a tragic situation when Lena reveals her father is molesting her. Junior and Senior High and older readers.
BR 9898
Wright, Richard Native Son. Classic work shows the plight of victimized blacks fighting against the political and social conditions of Chicago in the 1930s. A frustrated and resentful black man is driven to violence and murder. Senior High and older readers.
RC 25087
Wright, Richard Rite of Passage. Johnny Gibbs is feeling good about his life when he is presented with the shocking news that he's a foster child and has to move to a new home. Instead, Johnny takes to the streets, embarking on a crime spree to relieve his rage. Violence and strong language. High school and older readers.
RC 41640
Yarbrough, Camille Cornrows. While she braids Shirley Ann's mother's hair, Great-Grammaw explains that braids were an African symbol, that various styles had special meanings, and that cornrows survived slavery to again become a symbol of black pride. Grades K-3 and older readers.
RC 37862
Yarbrough, Camille The Shimmershine Queens. Growing up in the city is hard for Angie but when ninety-year old cousin Seatta visits from Alabama, Angie learns to be proud of her heritage. Grades 5-8.
RC 45416