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Green Bay Packers Reading List

Read these books about your favorite football team. All are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.

  • Favre, Bret with Chris Havel. Favre for the Record (1997), DB060140, BR011298, WMBPH (RCW0227) RC060140.
  • Favre, Bret. Bret Favre, The Tribute (2008), DB066328, RC066328.
  • Hornung, Paul. Golden Boy: Girls, games, and gambling at Green Bay (and Notre Dame, too) (2002), RCW00679.
  • Kramer, Jerry, with Dick Schaap. Distant Replay (1985), RC024072.
  • Lombardi, Vince, with W. C. Heinz. Run to Daylight! (1963), DB021456, BRA04902, RC021456.
  • Maraniss, David. When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi (1999), DB049258, BR012471, RC049258.
  • O'Brien,Michael. Vince: A Personal Memoir of Vince Lombardi (1987), RC027250.
  • Rambeck, Richard. Brett Favre (1998), RCW03801 [for grades 2-4].
  • Schaap, Dick. Green Bay Replay: The Packers' Return to Glory (1997), WMBPH (RCW0228).
  • Schoor, Gene. Football's Greatest Coach: Vince Lombardi (1974), RC008328 [grades 6-9].
  • Starr, Bart, with Murray Olderman. Starr: My Life in Football (1987), RC027668.
  • White, Reggie. Reggie White in the Trenches: The Autobiography (1996), RCW01023.