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Magazines Available By Subscription and BARD

Magazines are selected for the program based on demonstrated reader interest. NLS produces more than 45 audio and more than 30 braille magazine titles. Readers may subscribe to, or download from BARD, such titles like People, National Geographic, and Consumer Reports in audio and the New York Times Large Print Weekly and Cook's Illustrated in braille. Magazines for children are also available.

Loan Periods (All cartridges need to be returned):

- 3 week loan for weekly publications.
- 7 week loan if a monthly publication is included.
- No renewals allowed.

Magazine Titles Available in Digital Format

  • If subscribing to Magazines on Cartridge, here are instructions for the Bookshelf feature.

Magazine Titles Available in Braille Format


Newspapers are available via NFB-NEWSLINE®.

For questions about this information, contact Zarina Mohd Shah (414) 286-3045