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Star Wars : New Jedi Series

These Star Wars books are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.

  • R. S. Salvatore, Vector Prime (1999), DB049820. Twenty-one years after the destruction of the Death Star by the Rebel Alliance, tension is mounting in the Republic. Leia pursues diplomatic negotiations, Luke deals with rogue Jedi Knights, and Han Solo again engages in battle; and a new generation of characters and creatures appears. A Star Wars novel.

  • Michael A. Stackpole, Dark Tide I: Onslaught (2000), DB050026. As Luke Skywalker contends with rogue elements rebelling against his rule, the New Republic is attacked by aliens known as Yuuzhan Vong. The Jedi are tested as never before in their struggle to prevail against the aggressors. A Star Wars novel. Bestseller.

  • Michael A. Stackpole, Dark Tide II: Ruin (2000), DB051954. Luke Skywalker is having difficulty keeping the Jedi together as they withstand the relentless attacks by the alien Yuuzhan Vong. But hope is on the horizon as several knights, traveling to the planet Garqi, uncover a secret that might prove useful against their enemies. A Star Wars Novel. Some violence.

  • James Luceno, Agents of Chaos: Hero's Trial (2000), DB055844. Han Solo, grief-stricken over Chewbacca's death, again becomes a loner, risking the loss of family and friends. Learning an old acquaintance has sided with the enemy, placing the Jedi in danger, Han must face his inner demons and honor Chewbacca's sacrifice.

  • James Luceno, Agents of Chaos: Jedi Eclipse (2000), DB052417. As the Yuuzhan Vong continue their attack on the New Republic, which is now stretched to the breaking point, Han's estranged wife, Leia, oversees the evacuation of people from the aliens' path. Luke struggles to keep the Jedi Knights together. And Han is caught up in a race against time. Some violence.

  • Kathy Tyers, Balance Point (2000), DB058271. The planet Duro, though nearly uninhabitable, is the only option for refugees fleeing the relentless invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong. Leia supervises the relocation plan, while Jedi--including Han's young son, Jacen--arrive to help keep the fragile peace.

  • Troy Denning, Recovery (2001), Not recorded.

  • Greg Keyes, Edge of Victory: Conquest (2001), DB053872. Not content with the destruction they have already rendered, the Yuuzhan Vong now want the heads of all Jedi. The most vulnerable are the young students at the Jedi academy. Anakin Solo sets out to rescue them, but may be too late. Some violence.

  • Greg Keyes, Edge of Victory: Rebirth (2001), DB053873. The Yuuzhan Vong are still searching for Jedi to slaughter. Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo risk deadly consequences trying to bolster the Jedi resistance, and Anakin and Tahiri are wanted for murder. Yet hope arises in the birth of a special child. Some violence.

  • Troy Denning, Star by Star (2001), DB054045. The Jedi Knights battle the invading Yuuzhan Vong warrior race. Han Solo must stand by while his children travel deep into the dark side to destroy the enemy's weaponry.

  • Elaine Cunningham, Dark Journey (2002), DB057990. With the enemy in pursuit and her brother Jacen in the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, Jaina Solo takes refuge in the Hapes Cluster. But Jaina, grief-stricken and obsessed with revenge, is blind to threats against her and to the evil consuming her.

  • Aaron Allston, Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream (2002), DB056160. Following the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion of Coruscant, Leia and Han Solo try to promote rebellion against the New Republic's appeasement policy. Luke Skywalker faces danger as he attempts to sneak into the Yuuzhan Vong's stronghold on Coruscant. Some violence.

  • Aaron Allston, Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand (2002), DB056131. Luke Skywalker's mission to prevent the overthrow of the New Republic is in danger. A discovery by Luke and his wife is halting plans and endangering their lives, while the Solos are at risk of being turned over to the Yuuzhan Vong.

  • Matthew Woodring Stover, Traitor (2002), DB055504. Coruscant has been captured and the galaxy fears nothing can stop the Yuuzhan Vong. Yet Jacen Solo is still alive. Or is he? Jacen is being held in the Embrace of Pain by Vergere, a creature of mystery and power, and her plans are unknown. Some violence.

  • Walter Jon Williams, Destiny's Way (2002), DB055505. Coruscant's fall left the New Republic divided by internal strife. Yet they refuse to surrender to the Yuuzhan Vong, especially when there is a chance to defeat them. But a weapon designed by the Jedi's enemies could destroy the New Republic. Some violence.

  • Walter Jon Williams, Ylesia (2002), Not Recorded.
  • Sean Williams and Shane Dix, Force Heretic I: Remnant (2003), DB056615. A fledgling Galactic Alliance forms after the Yuuzhan Vong destroys the New Republic but needs to consolidate before fighting back. In preparation for ultimately defeating the invaders, Luke Skywalker leads a Jedi mission to remote regions of the galaxy to unite the remaining imperial forces--and find the mythical planet Zonama Sekot.

  • Sean Williams and Shane Dix, Force Heretic II: Refugee (2003), DB060227. Disguised enemies who deflect Han and Leia from their diplomatic mission to form new alliances also put them in the path of Yuuzhan Vong. Luke Skywalker scours the Unknown Regions for the rogue planet Zonama Sekot, but to no avail.

  • Sean Williams and Shane Dix, Force Heretic III: Reunion (2003), DB060496. Han and Leia Solo and daughter Jaina nurse comatose Jedi knight Tahiri, whose internal struggles drain her life force. Meanwhile Luke and Mara Skywalker and Jacen Solo reach the sentient planet Zonama Sekot, but it refuses to join the Alliance.

  • Greg Keyes, The Final Prophecy (2003), DB060505. In the war with the Galactic Alliance, the Yuuzhang Vong capture an organic ship from the living planet Zonama Sekot that holds secrets to their people. Meanwhile, General Wedge Antilles becomes stranded in hostile space. Some violence.

  • James Luceno, The Unifying Force (2003), DB057358. With Luke, Mara, and their crew still off searching for the living world of Zonama Sekot, Han and Leia volunteer for a critical rescue mission. Meanwhile, discontent breeds revolt among the Yuuzhan Vong. Both sides prepare for the final epic battle that will decide the fate of the universe.