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Jan Karon Readalikes

If you like the Mitford series by Jan Karon for the small town atmosphere, eccentric characters, humor and spirituality, try these book series. All these books are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.

Chiaverini, Jennifer.
In the Elm Creek Quilters series Women forge friendships while sharing their needlecraft. 

Evans, Richard Paul.
In the Parkin Family trilogy, Richard and Keri Evans and their four-year-old daughter, learn a valuable lesson from an elderly women, MaryAnne Parkin. 

Gulley, Philip.
Harmony series are a Quaker minister's tales of his Indiana hometown. Quaker minister sam Gardner and his family move back to Sam's small Midwestern hometown.  There, Sam relives his childhood in a series of vignettes and introduces town residents including a narrow-minded church elder and Dr. Neely, who was Harmony's only doctor for fifty years.

Hassler, Jon.
The Staggerford novel series chronicle an elderly retired schoolteacher Agatha McGee, who begins to grow bored with her life, just when the town, Staggerford, is overcome by a flood. Thwarting public rumors of her failing health, Agatha regains her vitality and looks past her own troubles to help neighbors and friends in need. 

Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer.
The Cape Light is a series of novels by the well-known landscape painter and his coauthor set in a Massachusetts community where everyone knows and cares deeply for one another. The books introduce a cast of characters in the town including Jessica, recently returned; her sister, Emily, the mayor; the owners of the local eatery; and Reverend Ben, who counsels and consoles the residents. 

Macomber, Debbie.
The Blossom Street book series bring together three diverse women--tough girl Alix, hopeful mother Carol, and unhappy wife Jacqueline—as they attend a beginners' knitting class hosted by cancer survivor Lydia in her Seattle yarn store.  All four become friends and make unexpected discoveries about themselves and each other. 

Medlicott, Joan.
Ladies of Covington series follows three widowed roommates as they leave their Pennsylvania boardinghouse for the North Carolina Mountains to look at a dilapidated farmhouse one of them has inherited. Against the wishes of their children and landlady, the women move in and soon find their lives dramatically changed--for the better. 

Miss Read.
The Fairacre novels chronicle the life of the headmistress of a two-room school in the small English village of Fairacre. She describes the events of her year with perception, humor, and charity. 

Ross, Ann B.
Miss Julia, of Abbotsville, North Carolina, is just recovering from the shock of her husband's death, when Hazel Marie Puckett arrives on her doorstep with a nine-year-old boy. Small Southern town, eccentric characters, humor, Miss Julia often tangles with her stuffy Presbyterian church .