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Asians in America : a bibliography of materials by Asian-Americans

These books, by Asian-Americans, are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.
Adler, Carole S.
Youn Hee & me
RC 42447
Annotation: Three years ago, Caitlin's mother adopted Simon, a two-year-old Korean orphan. Now the family learns that Simon has a sister in Korea. Youn Hee is eleven like Caitlin, and Caitlin is eager to welcome her into the family. When tiny Youn Hee arrives, she isn't very happy, and she doesn't seem to like Caitlin at all. Her main concern is that Simon has not been disciplined properly, and she sets out to correct that. For grades 3-6.
American dragons: twenty-five Asian American voices
RC 39409
Annotation: An anthology of twenty-five stories, poems, and essays by Asian Americans that enlighten, probe, and examine the experiences and emotions of young people with roots in Japan, China, India, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Selections are set in the past, present, and future, and most raise questions about identity and about preserving or rejecting the values of ancestors. For junior and senior high readers.
American eyes: new Asian-American short stories for young adults
RC 43701 / BR 10180
Annotation: Ten short stories that address aspects of the Asian American experience and touch upon such themes as alienation, cultural identity, and generational differences. In "Blonde" an Asian American girl yearns to be blonde like her Barbie doll. For junior and senior high readers.
And justice for all: an oral history of the Japanese American detention camps
RC 21716
Annotation: Accounts by thirty Japanese-Americans who describe the horrors and the humiliation of being rounded up and sent to desolate "relocation" camps during World War II. Although the Japanese-American community was portrayed as a nest of spies and saboteurs, not one Japanese-American was ever brought to trial for disloyal activities.
Arlen, Michael J.
Passage to Ararat
RC 09242
Annotation: A candid, personal account of the American author's search for the Armenian heritage denied him by his Anglo-Armenian father. Beginning at Mt. Ararat, Arlen journeys to Soviet Armenia.
Asayesh, Gelareh.
Saffron sky: a life between Iran and America
RC 51185
Annotation: The reminiscences of a young woman caught between two cultures, recorded as she travels back and forth trying to assimilate the best of both worlds. She describes an immigrant's feelings of alienation and nostalgia but seeks to resolve her ambivalence by marrying an American and starting a bicultural family. 1999.
Bahrampour, Tara.
To see and see again: a life in Iran and America
RC 49409
Annotation: Memoir of the daughter of an American mother and Iranian father. Describes her bicultural background and upbringing: moving to Iran at age three and having to readjust to America at eleven. Through her trips and family connections, she is able to examine living conditions and customs in Iran before and after the revolution.
Blia Xiong.
Nine-in-one, Grr! Grr!: a folktale from the Hmong people
RC 33740
Annotation: Long, long ago, there lived the first tiger. She and her mate had no babies, and the lonely tiger worried about the future. So Tiger traveled to see the great god Shao, who promised that she would have nine cubs each year. But Bird came up with a clever plan to prevent the land from being overrun by tigers. For preschool-grade 2.
Blochman, Lawrence Goldtree, 1900-
Clues for Dr. Coffee; a second casebook.
RC 24955
Annotation: In these ten stories of scientific crime detection, the police of Northbank receive invaluable aid from the chief pathologist of the local hospital and his assistant, Dr. Mookerji.
Bode, Janet.
New kids on the block: oral histories of immigrant teens
RC 36208
Annotation: In the 1990s ninety-five percent of U.S. immigrants come from Asia, the Caribbean, and Central America. Eleven teenage immigrants--some from war-torn countries, some who are illegal--share their experiences of being uprooted and of adjusting to life in the United States. For junior and senior high readers.
Bowers, Terrell L.
The secret of Snake Canyon
RC 37949
Annotation: Reese Corbett, deputy marshal out of Sacramento, is put on the case of missing Chinese immigrants--hundreds of them. Not knowing the language, Corbett is told to enlist the help of Alley Cat, a half-white, half-Chinese, orphaned daughter of a "joy girl." But evil Chinese lord Hoy Quan has other plans for the young woman. Dismayed to learn that Cat has been kidnapped, Corbett sets out on the still-warm trail. Violence.
Breck, Vivian.
The two worlds of Noriko
Annotation: A Japanese-American girl has to decide whether to marry a Japanese farmer and accept a completely alien way of life, or disobey her parents by refusing to do so. For grades 6-9.
Brox, Jane, 1956-
Five thousand days like this one: an American family history
RC 49980
Annotation: The author depicts the lives of her parents and Lebanese immigrant grandparents, who worked as textile mill laborers before settling down on a hardscrabble farm in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts. She wistfully reflects on the suffering and uncertainties of their harsh existence. 1999.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
The hidden flower.
RC 10849 / FD 10849 / BRA00008
Annotation: Love story between a beautiful daughter of a Japanese aristocrat and a dashing American officer. Back home in the United States, he discovers his bride to be a stranger who is looked upon with disfavor.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
BRA 08682
Annotation: Reared in New York City, the children of a distinguished Chinese scholar return to their native China. The elder brother sacrifices a promising career in America and his love for Lili Li to serve his countrymen. His sister returns to Peiping where she marries an American soldier.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
Letter from Peking
BRA 03252
Annotation: The American wife of a half-Chinese professor receives a letter from her husband in Peking saying that he has taken a Chinese wife. In her home in Vermont, Elizabeth and her son face the situation. She goes on with her life, thinking of her love for him and his for her, until the news of his death reaches her.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
BR 00822
Annotation: Matthew, a homeless 11-year-old, assumes responsibility for three younger boys who have also been abandoned by their Korean mothers and American soldier fathers. For grades 4-6.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
The new year; a novel.
RC 13307
Annotation: Kim, the half-Korean twelve-year-old son of Christopher Winters, is brought to this country and taken in by Chris and his understanding wife. Chris, who is campaigning for the governorship of Pennsylvania, causes a public stir when he introduces his son at a New Year's Eve party.
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.
The three daughters of Madame Liang ; a novel.
RD 06743 / RC 43147
Annotation: The story of China is portrayed through the eyes of a Shanghai restaurant owner, Madame Liang. She sends her three daughters to America to be educated and they become torn between China and America. Their emotional and patriotic conflicts frame a story of turbulence and drama.
Caputo, Philip.
Equation for evil: a novel
RC 42683
Annotation: In California, Duane Boggs opens fire on a school bus full of Asian American children and then kills himself. Special agent Gabriel Chin is assigned to assist psychiatrist Leander Heartwood in performing a psychiatric autopsy on Boggs to determine if the slaying was driven by racism, or something else. They soon realize the strong probability of a mastermind behind Boggs. Strong language, violence, and explicit descriptions of sex.
Carling, Amelia Lau
Mama and Papa have a store
BRW 073
Annotation: A small girl describes a day in her family's Chinese store in Guatemala City. Americas Award. Grades K-3. PRINT/BRAILLE.
Carroll, Lenore, 1939-
One hundred girls' mother
RC 52725
Annotation: San Francisco, 1895. Thomasina McIntyre commits one year of service to the Presbyterian Occidental Mission. At twenty-six, she goes on her first raid of a bordello to rescue a young Chinese woman from prostitution. Thereafter, aiding Chinese immigrants and teaching them Christianity become Thomasina's lifework. Some descriptions of sex. 1998.
Cavanna, Betty, 1909-
Jenny Kimura
BR 00272
Annotation: A Japanese-American girl comes from Tokyo to Kansas City to visit her grandmother and finds that she is not accepted in the American community, but during a visit to Cape Cod she meets two boys who help alleviate the hurt of prejudice and rejection. For grades 6-9.
Chang, Lan Samantha.
Hunger, a novella: and stories
RC 47737 / BR 12051
Annotation: A novella and five short stories revealing stresses within the family when Chinese immigrants confront cultural difficulties in America. In the title piece, a frustrated musician is determined that one of his daughters will have a musical career even at the expense of a loving home. Banta Award winner.
Chen, Da, 1962-
Colors of the mountain
RC 51314
Annotation: Born in southern China in 1962, the now-American author describes growing up in a once-prominent family that fell out of favor under the Mao regime. When citizens were unexpectedly allowed to compete for college acceptance, the sixteen-year-old truant and his farmer brother studied nonstop for months. Some strong language. 1999.
Chin, Frank, 1940-
Donald Duk: a novel
RC 34553
Annotation: Twelve-year-old Donald Duk hates his cartoon name and his Chinese-American heritage, preferring to envision himself as the tap-dancing Fred Astaire. As Chinese New Year approaches, with constant reminders of his culture, Donald dreams about his ancestors working on the railroads. The truths he learns from the dreams and his father's lectures give Donald a history very different from the one taught in his private school. For high school and older readers.
Choi, Sook Nyul.
Gathering of pearls
RC 39914
Annotation: In a sequel to Echoes of the White Giraffe (RC 39909), nineteen-year-old Sookan leaves Korea to study in America. She enjoys her new life and friends, especially fun-loving roommate Ellen, but Sookan feels too responsible to her family to spend much time on the lighter side of college life. Freshman year is not easy, but Sookan learns many lessons well. For grades 5-8 and older readers.
Choi, Susan, 1969-
The foreign student: a novel
BR 12262
Annotation: In 1955 South Korean student Chang Ahn, called Chuck, arrives in Sewanee, Tennessee, to attend the university. He is befriended by a local woman, Katherine Monroe. As their friendship slowly turns to romance, flashbacks tell of Chuck's experience in war-torn Seoul and Katherine's relationship since girlhood with an older professor. Explicit descriptions of sex.
Choy, Wayson, 1939-
The jade peony: a novel
RC 46958
Annotation: Story of a Chinese immigrant family living in Vancouver in the early 1940s told in the voices of the daughter and two younger sons. The matriarchal grandmother, Poh-Poh, tries to impart Chinese traditions and values to the grandchildren, who want to assimilate. Some strong language. Canadian Trillium Award Winner.
Christopher, Matt.
Shortstop from Tokyo
BR 03262
Annotation: Stogie Crane is very bitter when Sam Suzuki arrives from Japan and immediately takes over the shortstop position that Stogie had his heart set on. For grades 3-5.
Coerr, Eleanor.
Chang's paper pony
RC 29557 / BR 07743
Annotation: Chang and Grandpa Li live in a California Gold Rush town during the 1850s where Grandpa is a cook at the hotel. Lonely and often teased by the miners, Chang longs for a pony. He tries panning for gold, with Big Pete's help. Then, while sweeping Big Pete's cabin, he finds gold in the cracks between the floor and gets a very special reward. Easy reading for grades 2-4. An I can read book. PRINT/BRAILLE.
Crew, Linda
Children of the river
RC 32662
Annotation: The Cambodian-American experience is conveyed through the story of Sundara, now seventeen, who flees with her aunt's family in the mid-1970s from the terror of the Khmer Rouge to a small Oregon town. She finds herself torn between family traditions and the new culture's demands. Sundara comes to accept that although she must adapt, she doesn't have to give up her heritage in order to be American. For junior and senior high readers.
Crost, Lyn.
Honor by fire: Japanese Americans at war in Europe and the Pacific
RC 41457
Annotation: A former war correspondent's account of the Japanese-American men, or nisei, who volunteered for military service during World War II. Crost portrays the brave soldiers who had to fight prejudice on the home front before they were allowed to join the combat forces in Europe and the military intelligence service in the Pacific.
Cunningham, E. V.
The case of the kidnapped angel a Masao Masuto mystery
RC 18807
Annotation: Detective Masao Masuto gets entangled in the seamy underside of Beverly Hills glitter when he is assigned to investigate the kidnapping of a Hollywood sex goddess.
Cunningham, E. V.
The case of the murdered Mackenzie: a Masao Masuto mystery
RC 22618
Annotation: Somebody leaves a corpse in a Beverly Hills bathtub and nobody, not even the police, knows who the dead man is. Only Masao Masuto, with his Zen-like thinking, can puzzle out the mystery of the dead man's identity. Masuto's next trick is to find the murderer before the murderer finds him. Some strong language.
Cunningham, E. V.
The case of the one-penny orange: a Masao Masuto mystery
RD 15491
Annotation: A Japanese-American Beverly Hills police detective investigates the murder of a rare stamp dealer. The one-penny orange, a famous stamp worth a half million dollars, leads a trail back to World War II and the Gestapo. Some strong language.
Cunningham, E. V.
The case of the poisoned eclairs: a Masao Masuto mystery
RD 14127
Annotation: Because the women in Laura Crombie's bridge group are dieting, they refuse the pastry that is delivered anonymously to her house. But Ana Fortez, Laura's maid, takes the eclairs home and by morning is dead of botulism. When two more bodies are found, Masuto, a brilliant, enigmatic Nisei detective on the Beverly Hills police force, is put on the case. Some strong language.
Daley, Robert.
Year of the dragon: a novel
RC 17793
Annotation: Novel about crime in New York City's Chinatown today with its old rulers, youth gangs, and a Chinese out from Hong Kong trying to take over the drug empire from the Italian Mafia. A feud to the death develops between two men: police captain Powers, who knows he is hated by his superiors, and Koy, once a Hong Kong cop himself. Some strong language. Violence.
Davies, Peter Ho, 1966-
Equal love: stories
RC 51282
Annotation: A dozen stories about the bonds of family ties. In "The Next Life" Lim, a young Chinese American and dutiful son, hires professional mourners to keep vigil with his father's casket. Joining them in a high stakes poker game, Lim surprises all with his change of luck. Some strong language. 2000.
Derbyshire, John.
Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a dream.
RC 43850
Annotation: Chai is living the good life with his wife, Ding, and daughter, Hetty, in suburban New York, having survived a difficult time as a Red Guard in China during the Great Cultural Revolution. Chai undergoes a midlife crisis, however, when a former lover reappears, and Ding must scheme to bring back her wayward husband.
Desai, Anita, 1937-
Diamond dust: stories
BR 13325
Annotation: Nine tales by the acclaimed author, set in her homeland of India and in New England, Britain, and Mexico. In the title piece Mrs. Das exclaims that her husband's dog, Diamond, will kill her one day with his rambunctious behavior. But she is not the one who dies. Some strong language. 2000.
Desai, Anita, 1937-
Fasting, feasting
RC 51278
Annotation: Through details about the daily rituals of meals, the lives of two families, in India and America, are revealed. Part one focuses on the blighted life of Uma, a prisoner of her Indian family's conventions; part two deals with the experiences of her brother Arun among well-to-do New England suburbanites. 1999. "Booker Prize finalist."
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee, 1956-
Sister of my heart
RC 52038
Annotation: Soulmates Sudha and Anju are cousins raised in the same Calcutta household by their widowed mothers. Beautiful Sudha is burdened by family secrets, while ambitious Anju wants an education. But both are forced by economics into arranged marriages. Eventually they reunite in America. Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 1999.
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
The Unknown Errors of Our Lives: Stories
Annotation: Stories of East Indians in America.
Dixon, Paige.
Promises to keep
RC 10902
Annotation: Charles Miller, a high school junior, has mixed feelings about Lon, his orphaned half-Vietnamese cousin who comes to live with the family. Lon encounters envy, prejudice, hate, and violence in a New England town that prides itself on its decency and honor. For junior and senior high readers.
Duus, Masayo, 1938-
Tokyo Rose, orphan of the Pacific
RC 16581
Annotation: Iva Toguri, stranded in Japan by World War II, takes a job there although she wanted to return to her family in California. After the war the U.S. government tried her as Tokyo Rose, the temptress with the sultry voice who lured GIs to desert their posts on the Pacific battlefront. She served five years in jail, but the author believes she is innocent.
East to America: Korean American life stories
RC 42383
Annotation: Interviews with thirty-eight Korean Americans, including a journalist, monk, family counselor, policeman, seamstress, marketing executive, hairstylist, and women's rights activist. The professors offer Korean American perspectives on history, identity, and community. Some strong language.
Ellis, Sarah.
Next-door neighbors
RC 35436
Annotation: Moving is never easy. It means a new school, new kids, and for Peggy, the youngest daughter of a minister, it means a new church. She soon becomes friends with Sing, the Chinese gardener and caretaker for Mrs. Manning, the rich, elderly widow who lives next door. George, the son of a refugee janitor, wants to become her friend, but she rejects him. They are drawn together, however, when Sing is shockingly mistreated by Mrs. Manning. For grades 4-7.
Estes, Eleanor, 1906-
The lost umbrella of Kim Chu
RC 13338
Annotation: A young Chinese-American girl borrows her father's prized umbrella with the secret compartment in its handle, only to have it stolen from the library. The mystery of the lost umbrella leads the girl on an adventuresome journey across New York City. A humorous tale for grades 3-6.
Fadiman, Anne, 1953-
The spirit catches you and you fall down: a Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of two cultures.
RC 45010
Annotation: Born in California of Laotian (Hmong) parents, Lia suffers from epileptic seizures that began at age three months. As traditional Hmong medicine is not available, Lia's parents take her to American doctors. Neither parental love nor the doctors' sense of duty can transcend the cultural barriers and misconceptions that complicate Lia's medical care. Bestseller.
Fairbank, John King, 1907-
Chinabound: a fifty-year memoir
RC 18075
Annotation: The man known as the father of American China studies recounts his personal and professional experiences as a humanist scholar dedicated to bringing the Chinese and American cultures closer together.
Festivals from far away
RCF 01777
Annotation: Describes ancient Buddhist festivals traditionally held at places of worship in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Some are held to honor ancestors and others to honor the gods of earth, sun, moon, and other aspects of nature. Narration begins with a brief life of Buddha and a description of his "Middle Way." Laotian language.
Fine, Peter Heath.
Night trains
BR 04688
Annotation: A black-comic caper about a railroad shipment of plutonium that is stolen by a band of Jesus freaks who are intent on helping God destroy sinful Las Vegas. Searching for the elusive railroad car is a Japanese-American field inspector, an FBI team, and a world-weary security officer. Some strong language.
Fleischman, Paul.
RC 47065
Annotation: A Vietnamese girl plants lima beans and begins the transformation of a trash-filled vacant lot into a community garden. People of many nationalities join in and friendships develop among the gardeners. For grades 5-8.
Fong-Torres, Ben.
The rice room: growing up Chinese-American : from number two son to rock'n'roll
RC 40310
Annotation: Rolling Stone magazine writer and editor Fong-Torres tells of the lasting effect of growing up in California with Chinese parents and of the tragic killing of his parents' number one son. Although as an adult Fong-Torres needed an interpreter to discuss his parents' past with them, he realizes that he has no more escaped his past than his parents escaped China.
Four Champa trees.
KIT 062
Annotation: A traditional Laotian folktale told in English and Lao. Grades 3-6. PRINT/BRAILLE and cassette.
Friedman, Philip, 1944-
Grand jury: a novel
RC 43847
Annotation: In this sequel to Inadmissable Evidence (RC 36253), grand juror Susan Linwood senses something odd about the government's drug case against an elderly Chinese couple. Herself of Chinese descent, Linwood enlists the help of another juror to probe the matter privately. What they uncover imperils their very lives. Descriptions of sex. Bestseller.
Fuller, Elizabeth, 1946-
Nima: a Sherpa in Connecticut
Annotation: A young Sherpa guide afflicted with tuberculosis finds himself transported from the primitive slopes of the Himalayas to a bedroom in suburban Connecticut. There he quickly becomes glued to a color television set where he develops some novel ideas about, and fascination with, the Western world.
Gaan, Margaret.
Last moments of a world
RD 13023 \ BRA17222
Annotation: Reminiscences of life in Shanghai from the early 1920s to 1950, when the author and her mother, the only remaining members of a Euro-Chinese family, left for Hong Kong and eventually America. Includes portraits of her wacky family and their unscrupulous, but faithful, Chinese household staff.
Gaan, Margaret.
Little sister
RC 20053
Annotation: Novel set in 1925 portrays the effect of changing times upon one Chinese American family in Shanghai. The grandmother is the story's heroine. While her traditionally bound "Lily Feet" cripple her, it is her modern outlook on life that sustains the family.
Garland, Sherry.
The lotus seed
RC 39458
Annotation: For many centuries Vietnam was ruled by emperors. They were kept on as ceremonial heads after its conquest by France in the late 1800s, and the last emperor abdicated his throne in 1945 when a war of independence began. The narrator's grandmother saw the emperor cry and plucked a seed from a lotus pod in the imperial garden to remember him by. She would keep that seed and bring it to America with her. For grades 2-4.
Garland, Sherry.
Shadow of the dragon
RC 42420
Annotation: Danny Vo's family moved from Vietnam to America ten years ago when he was six, and he considers himself fully Americanized. Danny's older cousin Sang Le is just arriving in America to live with Danny's family. While Danny romances Tiffany Schultz, Sang Le falls in with the Vietnamese gang Danny has avoided. But it is Danny who is in danger when Tiffany's skinhead brother learns who she is dating. For junior and senior high readers.
Garrigue, Sheila.
The eternal spring of Mr. Ito
RC 24424
Annotation: During her evacuation to Canada, Sara Werren, a British teenager, befriends Mr. Ito and his Japanese-Canadian family. When Mr. Ito's family is sent to an internment camp, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Sara gets to know the cruelties of war and to understand the experiences of fear and prejudice. For junior and senior high readers.
Gay, Kathlyn.
The rainbow effect: interracial families
RC 28586
Annotation: The author interviews a wide range of "mixed" children from interracial and interethnic families, who speak candidly about prejudice, problems with dating, rejection by extended family members, community harassment, name calling, and the special problems of divorce and remarriage. Includes a list of resource organizations. For junior and senior high and older readers.
Gilson, Jamie.
Hello, my name is Scrambled Eggs
RC 23478
Annotation: Harvey's family is helping a family of Vietnamese refugees settle in town. He has big plans to "Americanize" twelve-year-old Tuan but finds that more difficult than he expected. For grades 5-7.
Goodsell, Jane.
Daniel Inouye
RC 13586
Annotation: Biography of the Japanese-American who became a war hero and the first Congressman from the state of Hawaii. For grades 3-5.
Hayslip, Le Ly.
Child of war, woman of peace
RC 40274
Annotation: In 1970 when Le Ly came to the United States with her two children to join her American husband, she discovered that the survival skills developed in the battlefields and black market of her native Vietnam did not count for much. She recounts her efforts to adjust to America and to reconcile the Vietnamese and American halves of her life. Sequel to When Heaven and Earth Changed Places (RC 31643).
Hayslip, Le Ly.
When heaven and earth changed places: a Vietnamese woman's journey from war to peace
RC 31643
Annotation: Le Ly, who grew up in central Vietnam, describes the suffering of a civilian trapped in the war's violence. Before coming to America, she worked as a Viet Cong courier, a black marketeer, and a hospital aide; was tortured by the South Vietnamese; and was sentenced to death by the Viet Cong. Violence and some strong language.
Heiderstadt, Dorothy.
Lois says aloha
Annotation: Lois Teramota, a Hawaiian girl of Japanese-American-Polynesian descent, shows her friend and schoolmate Gina Brown around the islands. They make other friends and discover the color and excitement of Hawaiian festivals and activities. For grades 6-9.
Hergesheimer, Joseph, 1880-1954.
Java Head
RC 18401
Annotation: Story of Salem in the days of the sailing vessels centers on the erratic sea-going son of a family of ship owners. He marries a Chinese lady, who brings all the refinements of her Manchu rank into an environment ill-adapted to appreciate her subtle character.
Hmong folk tales
RCF 01771
Annotation: Ten traditional Hmong folk tales including "The First Farmer," "The Woman and the Tiger," and "The Woodcutter, His Rooster, and His Wife." Bilingual title. Hmong language
Hò, Van Xuân Nhi, 1958-
Hôn em hanh phúc tàp truyèn
Annotation: Collection of eleven short stories by the contemporary Vietnamese author now living in California. Includes the stories "Feeble Happiness," "Something like a Desperate Feeling," and "The Last Memorial Sonnet." Vietnamese language.
Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki.
Farewell to Manzanar; a true story of Japanese American experience during and after the World War II internment
RD 07551 / RC 43194
Annotation: An intimate look at the painful years during World War II when Mrs. Houston and her family were imprisoned in a California concentration camp for Japanese-Americans.
Houston, Velina Hasu
American Dreams
RCW 1068
Annotation: Touching radio play about an African-Native American soldier who brings his Japanese bride home after serving in World War II and Korea.
Houston, Velina Hasu
RCW 1077
Annotation: Five Japanese war brides are thrust into rural Kansas alongside their American G.I. husbands. When one commits suicide, the other four and her ghost gather for tea and testimony in this broadcast drama from National Public Radio.
Howard, Ellen.
Her own song
RC 30582
Annotation: Although Mellie knows she is adopted, she has not given much thought to her origins. Her adoptive mother is dead, and Mellie lives with her father and aunt. At times memories of the past drift in and out of her consciousness. When her father is injured and her aunt is out of town, Mellie is befriended by Geem-Wah, a Chinese laundryman, who holds the key to information about Mellie's birth. For grades 5-8 and older readers.
Hoyt, Richard, 1941-
Japanese game
Annotation: U.S. Vice President Shive's daughter has been kidnapped and sold to Shoji Kobayashi, mob godfather and owner of a Japanese baseball team. The vice president hires ex-CIA assassin James Burlane to rescue his daughter. Hoyt's thriller explores Asian-American trade relations, white slavery, and the game of baseball as it is played in Japan. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Hyde, Anthony, 1946-
Formosa straits: a novel
RC 45358
Annotation: Nick Lamp, an Asian American, is accused of murdering Chinese gangster and family friend, Cao Dai, in Taipei. On the run, Nick ends up in mainland China where he discovers secrets from his father's past that may guarantee him protection. Some strong language, some violence, and some descriptions of sex.
Ichioka, Yuji.
The Issei: the world of the first generation Japanese immigrants
RC 28579
Annotation: History of the Issei, first-generation Japanese immigrants to the U.S. Ichioka describes the obstacles imposed on these Eastern immigrants by the Japanese government, by American legal actions, and by the labor unions. He also recounts how the exclusionary American policies classed the Japanese as "aliens ineligible for citizenship.
Iida, Deborah, 1956-
Middle son
RC 44379
Annotation: The story of a Japanese family with three sons on a Hawaiian sugar plantation. The youngest son is given to childless relatives and the eldest boy drowns, leaving their mother distraught. As his mother lies dying, the middle son reveals the truth of his brother's death and the tragic consequences of custom and tradition.
Irons, Peter H., 1940-
Justice at war
RC 23346
Annotation: Historical account of the case histories of the constitutional challenges of four United States citizens to Roosevelt's executive order that forced Japanese-Americans from their West Coast homes into internment camps.
Irwin, Hadley.
Kim / Kimi
RC 29930
Annotation: Sixteen-year-old Kim Andrews, a Japanese-American, feels like a misfit in her Iowa town despite the love of her mother and stepfather. She leaves for a visit to Sacramento, California, to find out about her Japanese father, who died before she was born, and to trace his family. She is shocked when she learns of the suffering of Japanese-Americans during World War II. For junior and senior high and older readers.
Jen, Gish.
Mona in the promised land
RC 44923
Annotation: In 1968, Helen and Ralph Chang, from Typical American (RC 34180), move the family to a liberal and posh suburb. They want the kids to be Americanized, but do not expect the wild turn of events funny and flippant Mona goes through. Strong language and some descriptions of sex.
Jen, Gish.
Typical American
RC 34180
Annotation: Ralph Chang, who came to America to study engineering, is alone and cut off from his homeland after the Communist takeover in 1948. By chance, he discovers his sister Theresa and her friend Helen in New York. He and Helen fall in love, marry, and, with Theresa, set up housekeeping. Their goal is to become typical Americans while retaining their Chinese values. But Ralph's greed soon changes matters. Some descriptions of sex.
Jen, Gish.
Who's Irish?: stories
RC 50166
Annotation: Eight short stories featuring Chinese American protagonists. In the title piece a Chinese grandmother is banned from her daughter's home after spanking her unruly Irish-Chinese granddaughter. In "Duncan in China" a Chinese American dropout moves to China to teach English but remains an outsider. 1999.
Kadohata, Cynthia.
The floating world
RC 32265
Annotation: A portrait of a Japanese American family in the 1950s driving through what Obasan (Grandmother) calls Ukiyo, "The floating world," a world of motels and gas stations. Twelve-year-old Olivia, her mother and stepfather, Charlie-O, her three brothers, and Obasan are on their way from the Pacific Northwest to Arkansas, to work on a chicken ranch. They are a point of stability in an otherwise unstable world.
Kadohata, Cynthia.
In the heart of the valley of love
RC 36855