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Star Trek : An Annotated Bibliography

These Star Trek books are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

David, Peter. The siege DB045125. A murderer is loose aboard Deep Space Nine, and Commander Sisko and Security Chief Odo are unable to identify him or deduce his motive. It becomes apparent that they are dealing with a psychopathic shapeshifter who, like Security Chief Odo, can assume the shape of any object, inanimate or living, to escape detection. A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.

Jeter, K. W. Bloodletter DB046067. In order to counter Cardassian expansion, Major Kira is given the task of establishing a Federation substation on the other side of the wormhole. Her mission is jeopardized when a Bajoran terrorist who has sworn to kill Kira manages to shut down the wormhole, trapping her alone on the other side of the galaxy. A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.

Schofield, Sandy. The big game DB040814. Quark, the resident barkeep and shady businessman of Deep Space Nine, sponsors a high-stakes poker game that attracts gamblers from all over the galaxy. The game is only briefly interrupted by murder and by mysterious subspace waves that threaten to rip Deep Space Nine apart. Security Chief Odo and Commander Sisko have their work cut out for them in finding the murderer and saving the station from destruction. A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.

Dafydd ab Hugh. Fallen heroes DB041005. Quark, the Ferengi barkeep of Deep Space Nine, acquires a strange artifact in one of his nefarious business deals. Security Chief Odo, always hoping to catch the Ferengi in some illegal act, demands to be present when the artifact is opened. The object propels Quark and Odo three days into the future, where they find the aftermath of a brutal attack against Deep Space Nine by unknown aliens. Violence. A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.

Vornholt, John. Antimatter DB042177. Commander Benjamin Sisko and Major Kira Nerys are overlooking the construction site of the starship Hannibal when an explosion rocks the area. Apparently the tanker Phoenix, loaded with antimatter that will power the new ship, has been hijacked. With the economy of Bajor at stake, Sisko and his aides must infiltrate the group of hijackers to reclaim the antimatter. A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel. Some violence.

Scott, Melissa.  Proud helios DB046113. When a mysterious cloaked ship begins attacking Gamma Quadrant shipping, Commander Sisko of Deep Space Nine is glad to have the assistance of the Cardassians in tracking down the pirates. But the Cardassians are obsessed with destroying the rogue ship at any cost, even if the effort jeopardizes the crew of Deep Space Nine. A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.

Cox, Greg. Devil in the sky DB044943. The life-forms of Janus VI, called the Hortas, have the ability to burn through solid rock and metal as easily as humans walk through air. Commander Sisko of Deep Space Nine gets involved when a mother Horta is abducted by Cardassians while being transported to Bajor to help with the mining industry. A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel.

Carey, Diane. Station rage DB045764. When a hidden tomb of Cardassian soldiers is discovered aboard Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko's prime concern is the likelihood of diplomatic repercussions with the Cardassian empire. But bigger problems are in store for Deep Space Nine when it turns out the tomb is much older than expected and that the soldiers are not dead but in suspended animation. A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.

Peel, John. Objective: Bajor DB046114. The Hive, a huge starship housing billions of insect-like aliens, is heading for the planet Bajor for fuel and raw material. Within a week, the Bajorans will face annihilation unless Captain Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine find a way to stop the powerful invaders. A Star Trek Deep Space Nine novel.

Palmieri, Marco. Prophecy and change DB060696. Anthology of stories based on the popular television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine featuring the familiar characters Commander Sisko, Major Kira, Doctor Bashir, Quark, Jake, Nog, and Odo aboard the intergalactic space station. Contributing authors are Christopher L. Bennett, Terri Osborne, Jeffrey Lang, Andrew J. Robinson, and others.  

McCay, W. A. Chains of command DB035624. In a remote area of space the Starship Enterprise discovers a lost colony of humans that has been enslaved by an alien bird-like race called the Tseetsk. The humans are in revolt against their overseers and expect the help of the Enterprise, but Captain Picard and his crew find the situation very complicated. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Perry, S. D. Unity DB059375. 2376. Commander Vaughn and the starship Defiant crew return to Deep Space Nine after a harrowing voyage in the Gamma Quadrant. Chaos embroils them following the Bajoran First Minister's assassination, as Colonel Kira Nerys investigates a parasitic conspiracy threatening Bajor and the Federation. 

Behr, Ira Steven. The Ferengi rules of acquisition DB044033. The guiding principles that have made the Ferengi the most successful, if unscrupulous, businessmen in the galaxy include such gems as "greed is eternal," "never place friendship above profit," "once you have their money ... you never give it back," and "keep your lies consistent." Seventy of these adages are offered by Quark, the profit-motivated Ferengi barkeep of Deep Space Nine. A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine treatise.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Dillard, J. M. Star trek generations a novel DB040623. On the maiden voyage of the new Enterprise 1701-B, Captain Kirk is trapped in a timeless nexus when an energy ribbon hits the ship. Seventy-eight years later, Captain Picard of the Enterprise 1701-D is also propelled into the nexus while pursuing an evil scientist. Inside the nexus, Kirk and Picard meet and team up to stop the scientist from killing millions of people. A Star Trek novel based on the motion picture. Bestseller. 

Dvorkin, David. The captains' honor DB031968. The planet Tenara has been devastated by attacks from the M'Dok Empire and the starships "Enterprise" and "Centurion" are offering aid. But one wants to use peaceful methods and the other wants war. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Lorrah, Jean. Metamorphosis: a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel DB031427. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and the crew of the "Enterprise" have been summoned to the planet Elysia. For the android Data, it is a date with destiny. As he is drawn into an impossible quest, he finally dares to pursue his fondest desire--to become human. Star Trek novel.

Carter, Carmen. Doomsday world DB031983. The planet Kirlos is home to many races who enjoy a peaceful coexistence and profitable trade and holds a wealth of archaeological treasures, which the crew of the "Enterprise" has been dispatched to help uncover. But the three crew members who are sent to work on Kirlos suddenly find themselves prime suspects in a terrorist attack. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Weinstein, Howard. Exiles DB032016. For more than 300 years, the people of Alaj and Etolos have been bitter enemies. Now they must work together to save both planets. The last sacred animal on Alaj, the nefittifi, dies, and there are only a few left on Etolos. Meanwhile, volcanoes are making Etolos unlivable and its people need a new world. Captain Picard and the crew of the "Enterprise" are called in to help. Star Trek novel. Bestseller.

Friedman, Michael Jan. Fortune's light DB032033. William Riker has just received a message that Teller Conlon, his best friend, is accused of being a thief and traitor! They had both been members of the team that opened the planet Imprima to the Federation. Conlon, who chose to stay on Imprima, has disappeared and along with him the jewel known as Fortune's Light. Riker sets out to find both, but it will not be easy on a planet where treachery is commonplace. Some strong language. Bestseller.

Gilden, Mel. Boogeymen DB033030. Eric Baldwin, an exologist who specializes in alien life forms, has just returned to the Enterprise from a fact-finding mission. Wesley Crusher, aspiring to be a commander, wants to create an intelligent but pitiless alien that will test his ability to command. Suddenly the Enterprise is overrun with a strange race of aliens. Who is responsible? A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

David, Peter. Q-in-law DB033915. Kerin of the house of Nistral and Sehra of the house of Graziunas are to be joined in a marriage that will unite two powerful rival families of the Tizarin race. Captain Picard of the "Enterprise" is to perform the ceremony. But then Lwaxana Troi arrives, followed by the powerful Q, who comes to question the concept of love, and the festivities are suddenly in turmoil. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Weinstein, Howard. Perchance to dream DB034025. Captain Picard and the crew of the starship "Enterprise" encounter an alien race called the Tenirans who vie with the humans over possession of a newly discovered world. When an "Enterprise" shuttle craft disappears, Picard is ready to blame the Tenirans. But when Picard himself suddenly vanishes from the "Enterprise" bridge, it becomes apparent that a much more powerful alien force is at work. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Friedman, Michael Jan. Reunion DB033941. "Enterprise" commander Picard, a past captain of the "Stargazer," has been asked to escort his former ensign, Morgen, to Morgen's homeworld of Daa'V. Picard is looking forward to a pleasant reunion with Morgen and other former crew members. Suddenly an accident caused by an assassin propels the "Enterprise" into Romulan space. The assassin must be found before peace is destroyed within the galaxy. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Bestseller.

Taylor, Jeri. Unification DB035623. Ambassador Spock makes an unauthorized journey to the center of the Romulan Empire. Federation leaders suspect defection. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise are sent on a dangerous, secret mission to Romulus, the home world of the Romulans, to find Spock and discover his intentions. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Bestseller.

Mitchell, V. E. Imbalance DB035625. The Federation has been contacted by the Jarada, a secretive, insect-like race, regarding the establishment of diplomatic relations. They specifically ask that Captain Picard of the Enterprise act as chief negotiator. The negotiating crew is shown every courtesy and negotiations proceed without difficulty until the crew is cut off from their ship and the ship is attacked. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Vornholt, John. War drums DB044058. On the colony world of Selva, a small band of Klingons, survivors of a long-ago space wreck, have reverted to a savage state and are attacking the human settlement. Lieutenant Worf of the starship Enterprise leads a landing party to contact the Klingons. An all- out war between the Klingons and the human colonists appears to be inevitable. In addition, Worf learns that a more deadly force is at work on the planet. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

David, Peter. Imzadi DB035626. "Imzadi" is a term used on the planet Betazed to describe a long- standing bond of friendship between people. Commander Riker of the USS Enterprise and crew member Deanna Troi now consider themselves Imzadi. When Deanna dies of a mysterious illness, Riker finds himself having to choose between strict Starfleet rules and Imzadi. Strong language and some descriptions of sex. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Carter, Carmen. The devil's heart DB041008. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise investigate the suspicious deaths of a team of Vulcan archaeologists on a barren planet. As a result, Picard finds the Devil's Heart, a legendary artifact that imparts unimaginable power to its possessor. It is an object that many are willing to kill for, and even a man of Picard's character may not be able to resist its seductive powers. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Peel, John. Here there be dragons: Star Trek: The Next Generation; 28. DB044946. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise discover a world of knights, serfs, and dragons reminiscent of Earth's Middle Ages. The technology driving this new world is by no means primitive, however, and before long the Enterprise is under attack from an unknown but highly sophisticated weapons system. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel.

Duane, Diane. Dark mirror DB038892. When the Enterprise is drawn into a parallel universe, Captain Picard and his colleagues come face to face with an alternate Enterprise manned by persons identical to themselves. This universe turns out to be a place where humanity has gone awry, with rule by terror and brutality. And the evil counterparts of Picard and his crew are bent on capturing the Enterprise for sinister purposes. A Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Thompson, W. R. Debtors' planet DB039420. When the unscrupulous Ferengi contract to bring advanced technology to a primitive world, it can only mean trouble. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise are sent to investigate. Aboard the Enterprise is a twentieth-century businessman retrieved from cryonic suspension, who may be able to apply his own ruthless talents to thwart the plans of the Ferengi. A Star Trek, the Next Generation novel.

David, Peter. Vendetta the giant novel DB033031. The Borg are back. Gigantic cube ships of the half-organic, half-machine race are devastating the galaxy, and again Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the "Enterprise" must face relentless, unstoppable invaders. Moreover, they meet the lone survivor of an alien race, who is using a planet killer to exact vengeance against the Borg, even if countless innocent people are destroyed as well. Star Trek: The Next Generation novel. Bestseller.

Star Trek: Reboot Movie series

Foster, Alan Dean.  Star Trek DB070035. When the Romulan's behemoth vessel attacks Captain George Kirk's Federation starship Kelvin, the original lives and fates of young James Kirk and teenaged Mr. Spock dramatically change. To stop the growing Romulan threat, they must learn to trust each other.  Book adaptation of the 2009 Star Trek film. 

McIntyre, Vonda N. Star trek III the search for Spock DB027382. The crew of the "Enterprise" are gathered to mourn the death of their friend Spock. But a dangerous mission lies ahead, one involving the Genesis Device whose awesome powers can be used for good or evil. The enemies of the Federation are determined to seize the device.

Star Trek Movie series

Dillard, J. M. Star trek V, the final frontier a novel DB054273. Based on the motion picture, this Star Trek adventure finds Captain Kirk and crew attempting a dangerous rescue of the planet Nimbus III, the site of hoped for cooperation among the galaxy's major powers. 

Dillard, J. M. Star trek VI, the undiscovered country a novel DB034031. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise are sent to escort a Klingon emissary into Federation space for peace talks. An insidious assassination terminates the discussions, and Kirk and Dr. McCoy end up in the hands of the Klingons, charged with murder. Meanwhile Spock and the rest of the crew must identify the real murderer to avert a galactic war. Star Trek novel based on the motion picture. 

Star Trek: Odyssey series

Shatner, William. The ashes of Eden: Star Trek; Odyssey, Book 1. DB045690. At age sixty-two, Captain Kirk retires from Starfleet and faces a life devoid of challenge and adventure. But things change when a mysterious young woman enlists his aid to save her homeworld. Kirk travels to a world that rejuvenates him, but his actions threaten to disrupt the fragile peace between the Federation and the Klingon empire. A Star Trek novel.

Shatner, William. The return DB056702. On Veridian III, where the USS Enterprise lies in ruins, a team prepares to recover the remains of James T. Kirk. But the grave is empty; the Romulans and Borg have joined forces to bring Starfleet's honored hero to life and use him against the Federation. 

Shatner, William. Avenger DB056719. A virus lethal to plant life threatens to starve the Federation. Picard and his crew oversee a quarantine, and Kirk--believed dead--suspects the plague may be artificial. Meanwhile, Spock, seeking the truth behind his father Sarek's death, takes a journey that will reunite him with a long-lost friend. 

Star Trek

Krauss, Lawrence Maxwell. The physics of Star Trek DB043550. Krauss uses the original Star Trek television series (and its spinoffs) to explore concepts in physics, quantum mechanics, interstellar flight, and time travel, as he questions the possibility of "warp drives," "transporters," "wormholes," "phasers," and "holodecks" as well as extraterrestrial life. With a foreword by Stephen Hawking.

Shatner, William. Up till Now: The Autobiography DB067034. Shatner reminisces about his life and acting career, poking fun at his own experiences. Describes playing Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series and starring in shows such as Boston Legal. Details his personal successes and tragedies, including the accidental death of his wife Narine. Some strong language.

Star Trek: The Original series

McIntyre, Vonda N. Enterprise: the first adventure DB025383. James T. Kirk, the youngest man ever to captain a starship in the history of the Federation, takes command of U.S.S. "Enterprise." Kirk and his crew confront unexpected challenges on their first mission together.

Crispin, A. C. Yesterday's son: a Star Trek novel DB020151. First Officer Spock of the Starship 'Enterprise' discovers that he has a son living on the primitive planet Sarpedion. He sets out with Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy on a rescue mission, but matters are dangerously complicated by an unexpected Romulan attack. A Star Trek novel. Some violence. 

Lorrah, Jean. The Vulcan Academy murders: Star Trek: The Original series DB030873. "Enterprise" crew member Carl Remington has been seriously injured during a battle. His nerve fibers are dissolving, and he will soon die. His only hope is to participate in an experimental treatment program at the Vulcan Academy Hospital, where Spock's mother has been receiving treatment for the same disorder. But suddenly patients begin dying, and Kirk suspects murder. Some strong language. Star Trek novel.

DeWeese, Gene. Chain of attack: Star Trek: The original series; 32 DB026694. While on a mapping expedition, the starship "Enterprise" is hurled into a distant galaxy of lifeless worlds, and the middle of an endless interstellar war. The starship finds itself under attack by both warring factions, and Captain Kirk must risk everything to stop the war. Star Trek novel.

Weinstein, Howard. Deep domain: a Star trek novel DB026697. A routine diplomatic visit to the undersea world of Akkalla turns into a nightmarish search for Spock and Chekov. The search uncovers ancient secrets that could mean civil war for the people of Akkalla, and death to the crew of the "Enterprise." Star Trek novel.

Duane, Diane. The Romulan way DB027163. Federation agent Terise LoBrutto has hidden in the midst of the Romulan empire for eight years when she is suddenly faced with a decision. Shall she maintain her cover or risk exposure to save the life of Starfleet Officer Leonard McCoy, who has been captured by the Romulans? A Star Trek novel.

Duane, Diane. Spock's world DB028019. The ruling council of the planet Vulcan calls an emergency meeting to try to preserve the planet. Spock, torn between his duty to Starfleet and his obligation to Vulcan, must find a way to reconcile his inner conflict and resolve the crisis that his planet faces. A star trek novel. Bestseller.