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Welcoming Environment


Educators are customer-service friendly and make sure that everyone feels respected and welcomed at all times. Policies and practices reflect this. Staff provides service for all customers that entails greeting, high expectations, visibility, public pride, and private problem solving.

Tips from Parent Advisory Council members:

  • Select a student each day who will greet adults entering the school with a handshake and say, “Welcome to our school.”
  • Provide many opportunities for children and families of color to see themselves reflected in the curriculum.
  • Feature family photos on classroom bulletin boards and walls.
  • Prepare for student-teacher conferences by knowing family names and having family information materials ready.


Roosevelt Elementary School starts each school year with an event to welcome families. Families receive a written invitation to attend the evening event and a personal phone call from school staff or members of the school’s parent−teacher organization. Upon arriving, the principal, school staff, and even the school mascot individually welcome each family. Families meet each other while sharing a meal. Then, while parents rotate through various informational sessions, children enjoy activities with the physical education teacher. Children and parents re-unite to play ice-breaking games.

Notre Dame Middle School is 99 percent Hispanic, and the majority of students are English Language Learners. Visitors are greeted by students who welcome them to the classroom.