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Wisconsin Partners

Microsoft Learn - The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is pleased to announce funding for the 2017 Act 59 Information Technology Education Grant. This grant will provide access to information technology education opportunities for public school students in grades 6 to 12, technical college district students, and patrons of public libraries through the Microsoft Learn program.

  • Understand how to use and implement the Wisconsin Computer Science Mapping Guide to identify the Wisconsin Standards for Computer Science Education along with the specific learning priority and performance indicator by grade level that aligns with the Microsoft Imagine Academy lesson(s) within the course (curriculum).

Digital Technology Career Pathway - The Wisconsin Regional Career Pathways (RCP) approach is a statewide effort to deliver high-quality career pathways in high schools that reflect the needs and vision of a regional collaborative group of employers, education, and economic and workforce development.

Cyber Education Wisconsin - This is a collaborative website from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Department of Public Instruction, and Division of Enterprise Technology.

Work-based Learning Opportunities in Wisconsin:

**The DPI will not endorse the use of any specific virtual instruction platform, tool, or product. The DPI facilitates discussions between school districts on successes and challenges in providing virtual instruction to help each district identify and utilize tools that fit the district's specific needs. Each district should work with its own legal counsel to ensure the use of a particular product complies with state and federal law, including student privacy requirements, as well as local school board policies.

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