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Funding and Program Support

Introduction to Section:

The framework of the Wisconsin Computer Science Plan provides an opportunity to connect community, government, industry, non-profit, philanthropic, and educational institutions to identify sustainable statewide, regional, and district funding program supports.

State-Level Goal:

Our state-level goal is to secure funding dedicated to expanding computer science education efforts, including professional learning, incentives/support for certification/licensure, support for student learning through earn to learn activities, and position authority for a DPI consultant

State-Level Strategies and Recommendations
  • Work with appropriate staff at DPI, governor’s office, legislature, etc. to advocate for funding and position authority for a DPI consultant, professional learning, and incentives/support for certification/licensure.

  • Identify potential support from other state agencies and investigate cross-agency funding for computer science initiatives to support K-12 education programs.

  • Advocate counting computer science as a CTE subject for Perkins funding.

  • Seek funding and encourage paid internships for students in computer science.

  • Seek funding to establish labs for the teaching of computer science that reflects industry focus in WI, e.g., Fintech, Healthtech, advanced manufacturing (including robotics), engineering (CAD), AI, networking, cyber security, and agriculture.

  • Investigate other possible sources of funding including grants, economic development groups, local partners, and philanthropist groups for statewide programming.

  • Encourage institutes of higher education to provide local school districts with dual-credit and/or distance course offerings to enhance course options for students.

  • Identify and promote current funding sources that DPI can allocate or prioritize for computer science and K-12 integration support across content areas.

  • Identify and promote national, regional, and local grant programs; eg, National Science Foundation, US Department of Education, US Department of Labor, etc.

District Strategies and Implementation
  • Develop a plan for creating partnerships and/or researching opportunities to find additional funding support.

  • Work with partners to advocate for quality computer science education for all Wisconsin students.

  • Identify district funding dollars within your CSforAll SCRIPT goals and plan to build capacity for educators K-12.

  • Consider how computer science integrates with the work your district is already doing.

For questions about this information, contact Amy Bires (608) 266-3851