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Professional Learning Community Topics

How to Use this Resource

This site offers several topics for Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to consider. Each topic has a one page excerpt with online links. (Please inform Julie Palkowski of links not working.) Within your small groups, consider the questions provided below for your PLC discussions. For additional study, use the Extension Learning Activities. Please forward suggestions for future topics.  

PLC Topic elements include:

  • The topic is highlighted within a newsletter or one page excerpt for the small group to read, react to, and reflect on learner support and instructional practice. 
  • Questions are provided for small groups to consider in their review. (Utilize the questions below.)
  • Suggestions for further study are provided within the Extension Learning Activities.
  • Group work materials, the Excerpts, are available for copying or online viewing.

Arts Education Topics

Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt
Arts Resources



PLC Topic Questions
  1. What is the relevance of this topic to the content area I teach and the learners I support?
  2. How may I utilize the information shared about this topic to support learning in arts education?
  3. What questions do I still have about this topic?
  4. What additional support do I need to fully understand the applications of this topic to arts education?