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Administrative Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Directors



Administrative Essentials:

AE 1: The Mission of the Public Library
The public library's mission • The library in the community • Basic characteristics of a public library in Wisconsin • Brief history of public libraries in Wisconsin • Statutory basis of a public library in Wisconsin • Sources of additional information

AE 2: The Director's Job Description

AE 3: Who Runs the Library?
Responsibilities of the library director • Responsibilities of the library board • The division of labor between the library director and the board • Responsibilities of the municipal government • Sources of additional information

AE 4: Working with the Library Board
Administrative support for the library board • Leadership issues • Communication with the board • Director and board relationship • Recruitment of new board members • Continuing education for trustees • Orientation of new board members • Sample Trustee Orientation Checklist

AE 5: Effective Library Board Meetings
Preparation of the meeting agenda • Director's report • Legal requirements • Conduct of meetings • Effective decision-making • Continuing trustee education at meetings • Sources of additional information • Sample Board Meeting Agenda • Sample Annual Library Board Calendar

AE 6: Orientation of a New Library Director
Library Director Orientation Checklist for Library Boards and Systems

AE 7: Library Director Certification
Wisconsin's Public Library Director Certification Law • Your responsibilities • Summary of certification requirements • Recertification and Required continuing education • Sources of additional information

AE 8: Public Services
Library service philosophy • Library service to children • Library service to young adults • Library service to adults • Library service to people with special needs • Reference and information services • Public access computers • Measuring library service • Sources of additional information

AE 9: Accessible Library Services
Library services to people with disabilities The Americans with Disabilities Act • Mobility impairments • Blindness and vision impairments • Deafness and hearing impairments • Developmental delays / brain injury / mental illness • Sources of additional information

AE 10: Technical Services
Technical services and library automation Selection and acquisition of materials • Organization and cataloging of library materials • Circulation of materials • Interlibrary loan • Delivery of materials • Processing and repair of library materials • Sources of additional information

AE 11: The Library as Employer
Role of the board and role of the director • Legal issues in hiring and employment • Lines of communication • Board meetings on personnel issues • Staff compensation • Promotions • Personnel policy • Library employee unions • Grievance procedures

AE 12: Managing the Staff
Staff selection • Staff training • Supervision and discipline • Evaluation • Personnel records • Continuing education for library staff • Volunteers

AE 13: Developing the Library Budget
The process of budget development • Sources of funding • Grant writing • Desirable budget characteristics • Terms and distinctions • Sample Format of a Minimal Library Budget

AE 14: Managing the Library's Money
Approval of library expenditures • Financial record-keeping/statements/reports • Gifts and donations • Sales tax • Annual report • Audit • Sample Trust/Gift Fund Report

AE 15: Policies and Procedures
Typical library policies • Policy development steps • Legally defensible policies • Policy versus procedure • Policies for Results • Policy Audit • Procedure and procedure manuals

AE 16: Planning for the Library's Future
The importance of planning • Planning basics • PLA's New Planning for Results • Wisconsin Library Standards • County library standards • Technology planning • A plan outline

AE 17: Membership in the Library System
Benefits of library system membership • History of Library Systems in Wisconsin • Membership requirements for libraries • Membership requirements for counties • Required system services • How to be a good system member

Administrative Essential: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Directors was prepared by the Division for Libraries and Technology. © Copyright 2008 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Duplication and distribution for not-for-profit purposes permitted with this copyright notice.


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