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Email Lists

The Library Services Team moderates the following email lists, each organized around library information and topics relevant to their targeted audiences. Listservs are not open to general audiences and all subscriptions are subject to approval by list administrators. Please contact the listserv administrator for more information and to inquire about subscribing to a specific list:

List Name Target Audience List Administrator(s)
LIBCERTCE Wisconsin library system staff covering director certification and continuing education; closed discussion group
Shannon Schultz
LIBRARYIT Wisconsin library system technology staff; closed discussion group


Library Services for Adults chat Any and all library staff members who provide programs and services to adults. Shannon Schultz
WISCAT Anyone associated with Wisconsin libraries participating in and interested in sharing procedures, ideas and promotion tips around WISCAT interlibrary loan.  send blank email to:
WISPUBDIR Closed announcements list for Wisconsin Public Library Directors only. Directors are automatically added upon hire, with the option to unsubscribe.

Shannon Schultz

WISSYSDIR Wisconsin Library System Directors only; closed discussion group

Shannon Schultz

YS Wisconsin Library Staff Serving Children, Teens, and Families; DPI announcements only


YSANDSN Wisconsin Youth Services and Inclusive Services System Staff and Liaisons; closed discussion group



Library Services Team

(888) 542-5543 (toll-free for calls generated within Wisconsin)

Name   Contact Information
Tessa Michaelson Schmidt Assistant State Superintendent, Division for Libraries and Technology
(608) 267-5077
Ben Miller Director
(608) 224-6168
Martha Berninger Assistant Director
(608) 224-6161
Beth Tomev Assistant Director
(608) 266-7410

Christine Barth

Interlibrary Loan

(608) 224-6171
Linda Bather Interlibrary Loan
(608) 224-5380

Jennifer Champoux

Training & Outreach, Support: BadgerLink

(608) 224-5390
Alexandra Delvoye Grants Specialist
(608) 264-9556
Mary Hutnik

Wisconsin Document Depository Program

Interlibrary Loan

(608) 224-6172

Michele Martinsen

Interlibrary Loan

(608) 224-5381
Karla Meister

Contracts Specialist

(608) 224-2809

Gail Murray

Technical Coordinator: WISCAT

(608) 224-5394

Elizabeth Neuman

Technical Coordinator: BadgerLink, WISELearn

(608) 224-5389
Shannon Schultz Public Library Consultant
(608) 266-7270

Bruce Smith

Project Coordinator

(608) 224-5391

Abby Swanton

Wisconsin Document Depository Program

Wisconsin Digital Archives

Records Management

Monica Treptow

School Library Media Consultant

(608) 575-6065