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Wisconsin's Resource Sharing Platform

WISCAT is one way Wisconsin's libraries discover and share materials through interlibrary loan. The system consists of a physical union catalog, a virtual union catalog, and an interlibrary loan management module. WISCAT also enables libraries to download MARC records for use in a local online catalog.

Libraries subscribing to WISCAT are able to participate in interlibrary loan at a number of levels. They may fully participate by being both a borrower and a lender; they may submit requests for materials but have another library or agent monitor their incoming requests; or they may agree simply to lend materials to others on the system.  A library may choose to activate mediated patron-initiated requesting for its patrons to create their own requests and monitor their status.

For an early history of WISCAT, see two decades of WISCAT.

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WISCAT Documentation

View this Google Folder to see all current WISCAT documentation, including cataloging, how-tos, user group meeting notes, and tips for resolving routine borrowing issues.


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This service is provided by the Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries and Technology using federal Library Services and Technology Act funds received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.