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Foundations of Wisconsin’s Strategic Assessment Systems

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Balanced assessment systems play a key role in Wisconsin schools. Educators use a variety of assessments – formative, interim, and summative – to drive the teaching and learning process, make effective decisions about learning, program effectiveness, and closing achievement gaps. Educators recognize the need to strategically choose high quality assessment tools and practices and use the data to directly impact student achievement.

Strategic Assessment System Resources 


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Strategic Assessment Charts

This updated resource supports the deep understanding that educators have regarding the role of assessments within a strategic system and how that data is used to drive the teaching and learning process.


Andre in Strategic Assessment Circle

Top 10 Terms Data and Assessment Literacy

The evolving work around strategic assessment systems has led to defining a "Top 10" list of key terms and to clarify critical messages from the WI Department of Public Instruction.


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Ms. G's Year In Assessment

This new resource follows Ms. G and her students as they engage in assessment throughout the school year within different grade levels (elementary, middle and secondary) and different content areas (ELA, Math, Physical Science).


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