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Strategic Assessment System Explained

What are the Strategic Assessment Systems?


Strategic Assessment Systems (SAS) measure progress towards college and career readiness across classrooms, schools, districts, and the state. Strategic Assessment Systems - including formative, interim, and summative measures - lead to improved student outcomes.

Strategic Assessment Systems emphasize:

  • The purposeful alignment of assessments and their use in the data inquiry process

  • The primary role that formative assessment plays in driving the teaching and learning 

  • The importance of identifying high quality assessments to produce information about students' readiness for college and career with the least amount of testing

Strategic Assessment System Explainer Video

What purpose does assessment serve? To whom is it important? Why does it factor  into discussions about teaching and learning?  In this 2-minute introductory video, meet Andre, and learn about how schools use strategic assessment systems to ensure he and his classmates graduate college and career ready.

Strategic Assessment Video Supplement

Strategic Assessment Systems Gas Gauge Icon

This video can be used to build awareness among interested stakeholders and support educators' professional learning. Consider using this supplement to support conversations with parents/community, and promote data and assessment literacy as part of ongoing professional development and PLC activities.

Video Supplement

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