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Formative Assessment

What comes next for student learning?

Ms. G and Students in Classroom

Formative assessment or formative practices play a critical role in strategic assessment systems. They are designed to quickly inform instruction by providing specific and immediate feedback through daily, ongoing instructional strategies that are student- and classroom-centered, and that answer "what comes next for student learning?"

Formative Assessment Video

In the video, formative practices are used to adjust instruction and promote ongoing reflection for BOTH students and teachers. This deliberate process occurs in the teaching and learning cycle to transform student learning and improve outcomes with these four critical steps:

  • Gain a deep understanding of learning goals
  • Envision proficiency in each standard
  • Designed by teachers
  • Feedback is used to adjust instruction

Formative Assessment Video Supplement 

Formative Assessment Gas Gauge Icon

Educators use formative assessment to continually reflect and improve their skills related to these practices. The Formative Assessment video is a resource that can be used to support educators' professional development related to assessment literacy. Use the Video Supplement & Resource Guide to enhance your facilitation of this professional development opportunity.

Video Supplement