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Assessment and Data Literacy E- Learning Series

Assessment and Data Literacy E- Learning Series

These three Data and Assessment Literacy modules provide flexible learning opportunities for pre-service teachers, veteran teachers, administrators, and school board members. They may be accessed via slides to be used as a district-wide, school-wide or small group PLC learning experience or, individually online. The modules are broken down into smaller units of study that can be taken in any order, at any point in time based on the specific needs of the user.

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Assessment Literacy (Module 1) 

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The seven unit Assessment Literacy Module provides deeper knowledge of  the interconnectivity and use of local and state assessments to inform teacher practice and involve students in the learning and assessment process.  Learn more about the units and access learning resources.

Units include: Introduction to Assessment Literacy, Know Why and What You are Assessing, How am I Assessing?, Analyzing Standards and Instructional Planning, Create and Communicate Learning  Standards in Student Friendly Language, Eliminating Barriers in Your Assessments, and The Role of  Students in Assessments                                                                            

Data Literacy (Module 2)

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The four units in the Data Literacy Module provide a background in data literacy to facilitate the interpretation and use local and state assessment data to inform teacher practice and improve student achievement.   Learn more about the units and access learning resources.

Units include: 
Introduction to Data Literacy, Effective Data Use, Data-Literate Educators, and  Introduction to Wisconsin Information System for Education (WISE)

Strategic Assessment Systems (Module 3)

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The four units in the Strategic Assessment Systems Module increase the understanding of assessment systems to better select, implement, and interpret the results of both local and state assessments - formative, interim, and summative - to inform teacher practice and improve student achievement.
 Learn more about the units and access learning resources.

Units include: Strategic Assessment Systems, Formative Assessment Process, Interim Assessments, and Summative Assessments 

Assessment in Action (Module 4)

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Throughout Wisconsin, districts and schools are pioneering promising practices in student assessment, moving from the theory stage of a strategic assessment system to the implementation stage. This module reflects a glimpse of what Strategic Assessment Systems look like in schools and districts across Wisconsin. Learn more about these promising practices in the Assessment in Action Introduction Unit

Please visit WISELearn and join the Assessment in Action Group which houses these examples of promising assessment practices. 


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Visit WISELearn to access to high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials and curriculum-based professional learning including the Assessment and Data Literacy modules.

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