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Licensure Program Content Guidelines

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The following lists Licensure Program Guidelines for use by educator preparation program providers offering approved educator preparation programs under Wis. Admin. PI 34. Some of the guidelines are still under revision. Until all areas have been finalized, you may reference previous Content Guidelines for Program Approval (see link below). 


Wisconsin Content Guidelines

Alignment Charts to National Standards

Superintendent (03/5003)

Superintendent Alignment Chart

Director of Instruction (10/5010)

Director of Instruction Alignment Chart

Director of Special Education and Pupil Services  (80/5080)

Director of Special Education and Pupil Services Alignment Chart

School Business Administrator (08/5008)

School Business Administrator Alignment Chart

Principal (51/5051)

Principal Alignment Chart

Instructional Technology Coordinator (92/5092)


Career and Technology Education Coordinator  (93/5093)


Reading Specialist  (17/5017)


Library Media Supervisor  (91/5091)


Program Coordinator  (64/5064)




School Counselor (54/7054)

School Nurse (75/7075)

School Psychologist (62/7062)

School Social Worker (50/7050)



Developmental Teaching

Early Childhood (Birth – Age 8) (70)

Early Childhood – Middle Childhood (Birth – Age 11) (71)

Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence (Age 6 – 12 or 13) (72)

Special Education Teaching

Early Childhood – Special Education  (Birth – Age 8) (809/1809)

Cross Categorical Special Education  (801/1801)

Cognitive Disability  (810/1810)

Emotional/Behavioral Disorders  (830/1830)

Specific Learning Disabilities  (811/1811)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing  (805/1805)

Speech and Language Pathology  (820/1820)

Visual Impairments  (825/1825)

Early Adolescence – Adolescence Teaching

Broad-field Language Arts  (301/1301)

English (300/1300)

Journalism (310/1310)

Speech Communication  (320/1320)

Mathematics (400/1400)

Computer Science (405/1405)

Broad-field Science (601/1601)

Biology (605/1605)

Chemistry (610/1610)

Earth and Space Science (635/1635)

Environmental Science (615/1615)

Life and Environmental Science (606/1606)

Physical Science (637/1637)

Physics (625/1625)

Broad-field Social Studies (701/1701)

Economics (710/1710)

Geography (715/1715)

History (725/1725)

Political Science (735/1735)

Psychology (740/1740)

Sociology (745/1745)

Early Childhood – Adolescence Teaching

Agriculture (200/1200)

Art (550/1550)

Business Education (250/1250)

Dance (536/1536)

English as a Second Language (395/1395)

Family and Consumer Education (210/1210)

Health Education (910/1910)

Marketing Education (285/1285)

Music – Choral (511/1511)

Music – General Music (515/1515)

Music – Instrumental (506/1506)

Physical Education (530/1530)

Theatre (325/1325)

Technology Education (220/1220)

World Languages

Supplemental Teaching

Adaptive Education (859/1859)

Adaptive Physical Education (860/1860)

Alternative Education (952/1952)

Assistive Technology (858/1858)

Athletic Coaching (540/1540)

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (023/1023)

Driver Education/Safety (450/1450, 455/1455)

Gifted and Talented (014/1014)

Library Media Specialist (902/1902) - Updated Nov 2016
Note: The State Superintendent will be issuing a scope statement to revise PI 34 requirements for this license based on recommendations from a state workgroup.

Reading Teacher (316/1316)