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Thanks to Educators for Survey Participation

Monday, June 4, 2018

We would like to thank the over 20,000 teachers who completed this year's annual Wisconsin Survey of Educator Development, Support, and Retention and everyone who helped to promote participation. This 41 percent participation by teachers statewide allows 256 districts to be eligible to receive individualized reports. If there is at least 40 percent participation by teachers of a district or school, these local level reports can be made available to local administration. While individual answers to the survey remain confidential, these reports can serve as the foundation for technical assistance activities, including the Educator Effectiveness (EE) Exchange - Data Retreat.  The EE Exchange - Data Retreats are free, half-day opportunities at local CESAs to analyze the data with technical assistance.

For more information:  Educator Effectiveness (EE) Exchange - Data Retreat flyer
Questions:  contact Jake Hollnagel,