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Repository of SLO Examples

This repository contains examples of Student and School Learning Objectives (SLOs). SLOs are context-specific goals that target the growth of a specific student population based on their needs on specific content and/or academic skills. SLOs are selected, created, and driven by data collected from various baseline and historical data sources.
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Note: The examples contained here are not meant to be exemplars and do not represent samples that reflect any particular score. The self-score and holistic SLO score are largely determined by the processes used throughout the interval of the SLO.

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Examples are in Annotated Format

The SLO examples linked below are in PDF format and contain highlighted entries with attached comments. The comments are intended to provide feedback and suggestions for the inclusion of more detailed information.

To view the annotations, the documents must be opened in a pdf reader.  The comments will not be viewable in browser window.

  1. Download and view the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. In Adobe Acrobat Reader, over or click on highlighted text, or open the Comment pane by clicking on the word "Comment" on the far right of the top toolbar.

Repository of Annotated SLO Examples

Content within this toolkit cannot be altered, but may be reproduced and disseminated for non-profit, educational purposes without prior permission.

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