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What Educator Effectiveness Looks Like in Wisconsin

Is EE really about helping educators in their profession? How much latitude do administrators and teachers have in setting up their work with the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System? This overview gives a sense of the way it works.



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Building a Foundation of Trust

One of the key principles of the learning-centered EE approach, a foundation of trust encourages educators to take risks and learn from mistakes. This brief online module provides details on EE processes that are opportunities and strategies for creating conditions of trust.

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Brief, self-guided overview of the WI EE System that provides baseline information for:


  • educators who are new to their profession, role, or the DPI model,

  • teachers or principals who are new to a district,

  • or anyone seeking a simple overview of the WI EE System.

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Principal Evaluation Training

A set of training modules designed to build a better understanding of the components of the Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership (WFPL) by analyzing the components within the context of typical work tasks for the principal or assistant principal.

It is recommended that this training is completed as an administrative team
to build a common understanding of the WFPL.

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Undergoing Revision for 2018-19

Revisions have been made to the Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership rubric for 2018-19. These training materials are currently being updated to reflect those changes. For more details on the rubric revisions: User Guide for Principals, Principal Supervisors, and Coaches

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Teachscape Focus Certification & Calibration of Teacher Observers

All DPI model districts and 2R charters have access to this online product for the training/certification of teacher evaluators.

Although time-consuming and challenging, evaluators frequently state that this training provided valuable professional learning which strongly supports transparent and effective conversations with educators. DPI considers this training and the conversations it produces a critical component of the state EE model. DPI continues to require evaluators to complete the training, certification, and calibration using Teachscape Focus.