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Proposed Changes for 2010-2011 PI-1202 Fall Staff Reporting

Application Deadline: December 17, 2010

Changes for the 2010-2011 School Year:

Position/Assignment Table

File Structure for Uploads

June Letter to Districts/Vendors

2010-2011 PI 1202 Instructions

November letter to Administrators, Vendors

Presentation Slides for 2010-2011 Fall Training

Instructions on how to access to the online help desk tool

Race/Ethnicity Changes

DPI will begin collecting Race/Ethnicity according to the new federal standards. The data will be collected in a manner that reflects the new two-part question required by the U.S. Department of Education regulations for all individual-level data. The PI 1202 will collect Race/Ethnicity data using a four-digit code instead of the one-character alpha code.

Districts will need to use the "Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Race/Ethnicity Crosswalk" to determine the correct race_key. Note: The file structure for staff file uploads has been modified to accommodate these changes.

Race/Ethnicity and Creating Records:

For those who use the "Create Record Process," only those race codes that can map directly to a four-digit race_key will be pulled forward. Those codes that do not have a direct match will be left null.

Position/Code Changes:

The following position/code combinations are being added:

  • 99/9200 - Executive Director of a Charter School
  • 64/0008 - Program Coordinator/School to Work
  • 53/0808 Teacher/Early Childhood Special Education is now only valid for grades PK, K4, K3, and KG.

Guidance on when to use these codes:

The assignment "Executive Director of a Charter School" is to be used for charter school administrators when there is no principal or district administrator.

The assignment "Program Coordinator/School To Work" should be used for coordinators of School to Work and Work-based Learning programs at a district or school level. This assignment develops and maintains STW programming, employer training and worksite mentor programs, community relationships, as well as ensures that programs follow guidelines, child labor laws, etc.

NCLB Courses (revised 9/28/10)

For special education teachers, the number of classes taught as the primary teacher in NCLB core academic subject areas will be collected for grades 6-12 this year. See Number of Classes document for exceptions.

(see Number of Classes Document) (revised 9/28/10)
--English/Language Arts/Reading
-- Mathematics
-- Science
-- Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government)
-- World Languages (German, French, Spanish, etc.)
-- Arts (Art, Music, Dance, and Theater)

NCLB Courses are not required for non-special education assignments; however, if that data is provided via file upload, it will be stored in the database.


FTE: Full-time equivalency expressed as a whole number. Must be a whole number > 1 and =< 100 (i.e., 100 = full time, 50 = half-time, 75 = ¾ time, etc.). Do not include time spent on extracurricular duties such as coaching or as a student advisor.

For professionals:

# of hours the person works in a year
# of hours in the district's standard work year for that employee's classification

For support staff:

# of hours the person works

New Reports Requiring Approval:

No Principals at School Report - if no principal is assigned to a school, districts must acknowledge this is correct before data can be locked and submitted.

Business Rule Reminder

Teachers with assignments for grades 7 and 8 cannot be reported as 53-0050, Teacher-Elementary All Subjects. You must report the specific subject(s) taught. Example: 53-0400, grades 07-08 (mathematics) 50% FTE, 53-0300, grade 08 (English) 50% FTE.