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Help Center for Support of Frontline EEM Platform - Evaluator

support for administrators who conduct evaluations


Assign a Non-Scheduled Form

An administrator can assign a specific form to another administrator for completion provided:

  1. the other administrator also has evaluator rights for the user 
  2. there is no scheduling associated with the form 

To Access: Use the assignment function found in the bottom section of the Process View or complete the assignment in the Detail View.

If all forms within a component are to be assigned to the same administrator you can assign the forms at the component level.

  1. From the user's Evaluation Process, expand the component by clicking on the plus (+) in the box to the right of the identified component.
  2. Locate the form that requires an administrator assignment.
  3. Click the Assign Element icon to the right of the "Status" column (in between the Complete form and Finalize form icons).
    screenshot of process view assign icon location
    Note: You will only see the "Assign Element" icon for forms that do not require scheduling. For forms that do require scheduling you will see the "Schedule" (calendar) icon instead, and you can assign the forms to another administrator as part of the scheduling process.
  4. Using the down arrow, locate and select the name of the administrator you would like to assign.
  5. Enter any notes that you would like the administrator to see.
  6. If you want to assign the form without notifying the user, leave the "notify user" box unchecked.

    screenshot of process view form assignment window
  7. Click "Submit".