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2003-2004 PI-1202 Fall Staff Report


2003-2004 Changes for the PI-1202

Staff File Changes

Add Contract Days. This is the number of days for which the employee is contracted.

Contract Salary: Salary reported should not include the extra pay provided to individuals who hold extracurricular coaching and advisor to student club assignments.

The following fields will be deleted:

  • Months employed,
  • Is salary final, and
  • Year high degree received.

The following fields will not be reported for those who have only support assignments:

  • Contract salary
  • Contract fringe benefits
  • Contract days
  • Highest degree received
  • Years of experience in this LEA (formerly referred to as Local experience)
  • Years of experience in education (formerly referred to as Total experience)

The privately contracted question is being moved from the staff record to the assignment record.

Assignment File Changes:

Field length of Assignment Code changed from three characters to four characters.

New/Changed Position and Assignment Code combinations:


80 Director of Special Education Pupil Services 0889 Special Education
80 Director of Special Education Pupil Services 0125 Pupil Services only
62 Educational Interpreter 0884 Hearing Impairment
63 School Occupational Therapy 0888 Therapist
63 School Occupational Therapy 0885 Assistant
59 School Physical Therapy 0888 Therapist
59 School Physical Therapy 0886 Assistant

Calculation of full-time equivalency (FTE)

For professionals:
(# of hours person works in a year) / (# of hours in district's standard work year for person's classification)
For support staff:
(# of hours person works in a year) / (2,080)

(These formulas were developed in collaboration with representatives of the Wisconsin Association of Business Officials.)

All pre-kindergarten grades will be reported as PK. This deletes the following grade codes:

  • B2, Special Education Birth through age two
  • 3E, Special Education for ages three through five
  • C1, Title I preschool
  • HD, Head Start

KG (Kindergarten), K4 (four-year-old Kindergarten), and K3 (three-year-old Kindergarten) will still be used.

Information reported about teachers/speech language pathologists (position codes 53 and 84) that changed or is being added:

  • Teachers/speech language pathologists need to be reported at a school(s). The following are exceptions: if 1) the hiring agency is a CESA and the working agency is a district, or 2) the teacher has one of these assignments Homebound Instruction (assignment 0935), Special Education Hospital Program Teacher (0840), or Special Education Homebound Program Teacher (0841).
  • Every grade the individual teaches for a specific assignment needs to be identified rather than grade range. The field is a string array, examples, 01 03 06, or KG, or 09 10 11 12
  • Bilingual Code field is changed to the following question, ¿Does this employee hold bilingual or ESL certification for this assignment? Answer will be Y or N. Y for Yes. N for No.
  • This new question is being asked: Is this employee teaching at least one LEP student in this assignment? Answer will be Y or N.
  • Two new questions are being asked if teaching assignment (only position code 53) is for an individual with years of local experience less than or equal to one year and total years of experience is less than or equal to one. The questions are, Does this employee have a major in this content area? and Has this employee taken a content licensing test in this area? The answers to both questions are Y or N.

Grades for other positions (such as principal, guidance counselors) will be defaulted to the grade range of the district or school (working agency) based on where the assignment is reported. Some positions (such as district administrator, assistant district administrator, business manager) will not report a grade range or be defaulted to the working agency grade range.

The following question, Is this assignment being performed by a contracted individual? will be asked only on assignments for School Nurses (75-0000), School Physical Therapist (59-0888), School Physical Therapy Assistant (59-0886), School Occupational Therapist (63-0888), or School Occupational Therapy Assistant (63-0885). This question was previously asked on the staff record for an individual.

FTE will not be reported for extracurricular duties such as athletic coaches (77-0000) and advisor to student club (78-0000).

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