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Revised Principal Rubric for 2018-19 Leads to Process Form Updates

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

If you've been following our updates, you are aware that revisions have been made to the Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership rubric.  DPI model districts and 2R charters will be required to use the revised rubric starting in the 2018-19 school year. Process forms for principal and assistant/associate principal evaluation must be updated to reflect the rubric changes.

What does this mean for my EE implementation?

District and school implementation managers will need to:

  1. ensure that your documentation tools (e.g., Frontline Education platform, Google forms, etc.) are updated prior to the beginning of the 2018-19 implementation (more information provided below),
  2. download, review, and share with staff the Principal User Guide (set to be released later this month on our website), and
  3. work with the evaluator(s) of principals and assistant/associate principals to see that feedback will be provided to educators using the revised rubric next school year.

Update of Process Forms for 2018-19


Frontline Education platform users:  

Process forms for all principal and AP evaluation types will be automatically loaded and set up in your site after rollover of this year's processes.  More information and support is available in the WI Online Help Desk.

Google users:

The updated process forms must be downloaded from the DPI website and set up aligned to your local processes and structures.

It will also be important to consider strategies for artifact collection. A couple of components included in the previous rubric have now been eliminated and those skills incorporated into other rubric components. Therefore, staff who may have already collected and aligned artifacts to the previous rubric (i.e., in a Supporting Year) may need to re-align to the revised rubric. See the 2018-19 Rubric Revision Crosswalk for details.

Additional Resources

User Guide for Principals, Assistant Principals, Principal Supervisors, and Coaches

Principal Evaluation Training materials will be available on our website later this summer.

For questions about the revised Wisconsin Framework for Principal Leadership rubric, contact Mark Mueller at

For questions about Frontline Education or Google forms, contact Laura Ruckert at