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Proposed Changes for 2006-2007 PI-1202 Fall Staff Reporting

October 9, 2006

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Application Deadline: December 1, 2006

Position/Assignment Table
PI-1202 Data Definitions and Instructions

To subscribe to our 1202 staff listserv, send an email to Leave the subject line blank. In the message body type: subscribe 1202staff.


We recommend use of individual's name as listed on his or her most current social security card to reduce the name discrepancy warning between agencies.

Overview: Steps to take to complete the PI-1202.

  1. Update/Complete District Contact Info.
  2. Upload or Create Staff Records (part of Upload or Create Records).
  3. Upload or Create Assignment Records (part of Upload or Create Records).
  4. Review errors from the four Error Reports (Reports Menu), make corrections directly in Staff & Assignment Lists or correct in local system and do another File Upload.
Staff Assignment Errors
Staff Conflict Errors
Staff Without Assignments
Staff Without Experience
  1. Validate Data (after corrections are made).
  2. Review the Reports Requiring Approval (Reports Menu), and if correct, select (click) in the approval box.
  3. Lock and Submit.

Software/Application Changes

Position-Assignment Code Combination Deleted
98-0887, Other Support Staff-Speech/Language Pathology Assistant
53-0868, Teacher - Media (SEIMC)/CSPD - Special Education

Position-Assignment Code Combinations New
97-0890, Program Aide - Special Education Early Childhood

Validation Routines.

Validation routines have been strengthened.

Contracted Individuals: Yes is only valid in this field if the individual works in position/assignment combinations of 59/0888, 59/0886, 63/0888, 63/0885, 75/1000, or 75/8000 or the Hiring LEA is the Wisconsin Department of Corrections or Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. The field can be Y, N, or blank. Any other characters will produce an error.

FTE: Is not valid for position/assignments 43/000, 97/9883, 98/9077, or 98/9078.

Upcoming Features:

A report that is being built, but is not available yet, will define when a district identifies a school, but does not report any teachers. Many districts are failing to report the teachers at the newly-formed charter or alternative schools. If we have schools, we need staff.