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Proposed Changes for 2009-2010 PI-1202 Fall Staff Reporting

Application Deadline: December 15, 2009

Position/Assignment Table

PI-1202 Data Definitions and Instructions

August Letter to Vendors, Administrators, etc.

November Letter to Vendors, Administrators, etc.

Vendor, February 2009 Handout with updates

File Structure for Uploads

Teacher & Number of Classes Media Presentation
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We recommend use of the individual's name as listed on his or her most current social security card to reduce the name discrepancy warning between hiring agencies.

Software/Application Changes

File Structures/Layouts for Staff and Assignment files (see link above that shows the return of one field which was collected prior to 2004 on the Staff file).

2009-10 Mandatory Changes

  • Position/Assignment Codes Deleted
    -- 50-1000 School Social Worker-Regular Education
    -- 50-8000 School Social Worker-Special Education
    -- 54-1000 Guidance Counselor-Regular Education
    -- 54-8000 Guidance Counselor-Special Education
    -- 55-1000 School Psychologist-Regular Education
    -- 55-8000 School Psychologist-Special Education
    -- 75-1000 School Nurse-Regular Education
    -- 75-8000 School Nurse-Special Education
    (The valid area combination for the assignments above is 0000-No Description Beyond Position-which was added back into the application during the 2008-09 cycle, but is required in 2009-10.)
    --53-0004 Teacher-Early Intervening Services Teacher
  • Position/Assignment Codes New
    -- 53-0818 Autism
  • Assignment screen for teachers (regular education) - Number of classes (based on district's schedule) being taught for this assignment? (Numeric field value between 1 and 20).
    (see Number of Classes Document)
  • Assignment screen for teachers (special education) - If assignment is for grades 9-12, identify number of classes taught as the primary teacher in NCLB core academic subject areas
    (see Number of Classes Document)
    -- English/Language Arts/Reading
    -- Mathematics
    -- Science
    -- Social Studies (History, Geography, Economics, Civics and Government)
    -- World Languages (German, French, Spanish, etc.)
    -- Arts (Art, Music, Dance, and Theater)
  • Employee Information screen and staff file upload new question/field added - Is the salary final for this school term? Y = Yes, N = No, blank for individuals in support positions (97, 98, 99) or Short-Term Substitute Teacher (43). The answer here tells DPI if the reported third Friday in September salary and fringe benefits are final or if contracts are not yet settled.
  • Long term substitute question is for all of the following positions (05, 06, 08, 10, 17, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 62, 80, 84, and 87) (position 62 added in 2009-10)

Business Rule Reminder

Teachers with assignments for grades 7 and 8, cannot be reported as 53-0050, Teacher-Elementary All Subject. You must report the specific subject(s) taught. Example: 53-0400, grades 07-08 (mathematics) 50% FTE, 53-0300, grade 08 (English) 50% FTE


FTE: Full-time equivalency expressed as a whole number. Must be a whole number > 1 and =< 100 (i.e., 100 = full-time, 50 = half-time, 75 = ¾ time, etc.). Do not include time spent on extra curricular duties such as coaching or as a student advisor.

For professionals:

# of hours the person works in a year
# of hours in the district's standard work year for that employee's classification


For support staff:

# of hours the person works


2010-11 Future changes

Race/Ethnicity reporting structure will be changing for the 2010-2011 reporting year.

Proposed Calendar for Reporting

November 16, 2009 - Letters containing passwords will be sent to District Administrators.
November 17, 2009 - Application will be opened.
December 15, 2009 - Data is due at DPI.

-- DPI will start running audits; districts can request to be unlocked to make corrections based on the results of the audits.

March 1, 2010 - All final corrections for PI-1202 must be done by reporting LEAs and the collection locked.
March 31, 2010 - DPI's due date to report information to the U.S. Dept of Education through EDEN. Applications for licenses covering the 2009-10 school year accepted at DPI up to June 30, 2010; however, waiting until this date may cause reporting issues for highly-qualified teacher status or fully-certified staff status to be unresolved, thus having staff reported as not highly-qualified or licensed when federal and state reports are created.

Audits and Active Staff Reports - IMPORTANT PROCEDURAL CHANGE: Paper copies of PI 1202 Active Staff, Audit Error, and Special Education Audit Error Reports will not be mailed from DPI to districts as was done in prior years. In an effort to improve our efficiency and protect sensitive data, the reports are being provided as PDF documents on the DPI web site only. When the reports have been reviewed by DPI staff, your district will receive an email informing you to log in, so you may open, print, or save each report. If you have questions regarding the change in processes for the audits, contact Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing Team at (608) 266-1028.

Overview: Steps to take to complete the PI-1202.

  1. Review instructions and changes.
  2. Update/Complete District Contact Info.
  3. Upload or Create Staff Records (part of Upload or Create Records).
  4. Upload or Create Assignment Records (part of Upload or Create Records).
  5. Add new employee records, delete records for employees who have left, update any necessary data.
  6. Process Get Staff File Numbers from the PI-1202 Main Menu.
  7. Review errors from the four Error Reports (Reports Menu); make corrections directly in Staff & Assignment Lists or correct in local system and do another File Upload.
    • Staff Assignment Errors
    • Staff Conflict Errors
    • Missing/Invalid Staff File Numbers
    • Staff Without Assignments
    • Staff Without Experience
  8. Validate Data (after corrections are made).
  9. Review the Reports Requiring Approval (Reports Menu). When you are in the specific report, and if the data is correct, select (click in) the approval box.
    • Draft Administrative Salary Report
    • Draft Staff Report by Position, Ethnic Group and Gender
    • Schools - No Teacher Position #53 as Staff
  10. Lock and Submit.