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Family Day Care Home Component Training

Ounce Equivalents for Grain Resources

For recorded webinars, handouts with transcript, Team Nutrition materials, and webinar Q&A, go to DPI's Ounce Equivalents for Grains webpage.

Training PowerPoints from Recorded Webinars

Ounce Equivalents for Grains
Feeding Infants Using Ounce Equivalents

DPI Resources to Use

Meal Pattern Chart 1+ Year olds
Infant Meals Pattern Chart (Infant Grains Chart on back)
CACFP Grains Chart
Cereal Types Handout
Grains Calculator (Far right green tab)

E-Learning Course for FDCH Providers and Sponsor Staff

  • This web-based course can be accessed on your PC, laptop, tablet, and smart phone.
  • The lessons in this E-Learning Course may be used in addition to FDCH sponsor training. They cannot replace a FDCH sponsor's required training.
  • No special access passwords or codes needed.
  • Click on the E-Learning Course for the Family Day Care Home component link above to get started.

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