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Adult Care Guidance Memorandums


Guidance Memorandum #2: CACFP Reimbursement – USDA Rates of Reimbursement Effective July 1, 2017


2017-18 Reimbursement Calculation Worksheet


Guidance Memorandum #3A: CACFP Claim Submission and Processing


Instructions for Completing the Reimbursement Claim Form - Adult Care Component, PI-1489-A
Child and Adult Care Food Program, Reimbursement Claim - Adult Care Component, PI-1489-A
Meal Edit Check Sample Form (Sponsoring Organizations Only)


Guidance Memorandum #6A: Enrollment Requirements


Guidance Memorandum #11: Financial Management for Food Service Operations


Quarterly CACFP Financial Report Training - (Sponsoring Organizations ONLY)
Annual CACFP Financial Training - (Independent Centers ONLY)
Financial Management Forms/Templates:

Independent Centers:

PI-1463 - paper copy of Annual CACFP Financial Report
Sample General Ledger for Independent Centers

Sponsoring Organizations:

PI-1463-A - paper copy of Quarterly CACFP Financial Report for Sponsors of Affiliated Centers
PI-1463-C - paper copy of Quarterly CACFP Financial Report for Sponsors of Unaffiliated Centers
Sample General Ledger for Sponsoring Organizations

Financial Management resources - FOR ALL AGENCIES

Frequent CACFP Costs
Assessing Costs in the CACFP
FNS Instruction 796-2 (Revision 4) as issued by USDA
FNS Instruction 796-2 (Revision 4) with highlighted changes
Summary of Allowable CACFP Costs
Administrative Labor Time Sheet
Operational Labor Time Sheet
Administrative and Operational Labor Time Sheet Combination

Other Resources - FOR ALL AGENCIES:

Appeal Procedures
Appeal Request Form (PI-1453)

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