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Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Training

CACFP Training

Posted below are links to each training session's Presentation Slides and Presentation Handout (includes slides and script). Many resources provided during training are hyperlinked within the Presentation Slides and Presentation Handout documents. A few additional handouts are posted below the applicable training session. 

CACFP Bootcamp

CACFP Bootcamp Slides

CACFP Bootcamp Handout

Identifying Whole Grain-Rich (WGR)

Identifying WGR Slides

Identifying WGR Handout

Activity: Which Method?

Answers: Which Method?

Activity: Is it WGR Using the Rule of Three?

Answers: Is it WGR Using the Rule of Three?

Special Dietary Needs: Milk

Special Dietary Needs: Milk Slides

Special Dietary Needs: Milk Handout

Financial Management

Financial Management Slides

Financial Management Handout

Meal Planning and Ideas

Meal Planning and Ideas Slides

Meal Planning and Ideas Handout

Ideas Shared during Training Sessions

Creative, Fun and Descriptive Names

Introducing Children to New Tastes and Textures

Feeding Infants

Feeding Infants Slides

Feeding Infants Handout

Activity: Infant Meals