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Celebrate Summer


Celebrate Cucumber Crunch

WI Cucumber Crunch LogoCelebrate summer by participating in the Cucumber Crunch! This is a simple, celebratory event to promote local foods and farm to summer. Pick any date this summer and have staff and children crunch into local cucumbers. If cucumbers are not available during your summer programming, choose another local, in-season fruit or vegetable to crunch!

Register your program for the Crunch! Registrants will receive free stickers and a packet of cucumber seeds for registering on a first-come, first-serve basis.Cucumber Crunch We Registered Badge


Event Details

Cucumber Crunch Factsheet

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Local Sourcing Information: utilize the resources below to locate local farmers/producers who may be able to source for your Crunch.

Recipes All recipes are scaled to serve approximately 50 students.

Promotion Share photos and videos of your Crunch in the following ways:

  • Advertise your event on social media, using the following hashtags: #WICucumberCrunch #SummerMeals
  • Send photos and videos of your Crunch to
  • Producer Highlight Poster: Utilize this poster to share details about the farmer who supplied the local cucumbers or in-season produce for your event. Email to request printed copies of the poster.

Resources for Producers

For questions about this information, contact CNT (608) 267-9129