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Supporting & Promoting Wellness Policies (Best Practices) in Child Care

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For Parents...Does your child care provider have a physical activity and nutrition policy?

For Providers...Do you have a physical activity and nutrition policy?

Healthy Bites Plate by Plate Success Story, CESA 11 Head Start

Planting the Seeds for Healthy Kids, Kids Depot Child Care

"As much as we try encouraging (especially the physical activity) we get resistance: "I don't have time; the children need to learn to sit still and walk in a line or they will never be able to do it in kindergarten; when we are outside they should just be able to run" - those are just some of the examples we hear. The only way we feel we can change the staff is to put it into policy and job descriptions and then they won't have a choice (although I not quite sure why they feel they have a choice now). Having a child who had ADHD (now young adult) I wish this initiative would have been in place years ago. I think it would have helped him - instead of the constant sit still".
~Val Breidel, Aquinas Schools

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