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CACFP Bulletins

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Bulletins are emailed to CACFP Email List members from the Community Nutrition Team mailbox, on the dates listed next to each bulletin.

FFY 2024

  • CACFP Bulletin May 2024-09 (5/14/24)
    • At-Risk Afterschool Programs End Last Day of SY 2023-2024 (AR)

    • 2nd Quarter CACFP Financial Report due June 1, 2024 (SO)

    • Reminder: Update Contact Information in your CACFP Contract (ALL)

    • Planning for August/ September 2024: Becoming a Sponsor, Adding New Sites, and/or New Meal Services (ALL)

    • Holiday and June/July 2024 Claims Processing Shut Down (ALL)

    • Webinar Child Nutrition Programs Final Rule: Updates to the CACFP & SFSP Meal Patterns (ALL)

    • Translated Materials (ALL)

    • CACFP Shout-Outs (ALL)

    • Institute of Child Nutrition: Mealtime Memo: Culinary Basics: Mise en Place (ALL)

  • CACFP Bulletin April 2024-08 (4/11/24)
    • Year-Round Food Program: Transitioning from CACFP At-Risk Afterschool Programs to Summer Food Service Programs (AR)
    • Sponsors of At-Risk Afterschool Sites that Participate in NSLP and/ or SFSP (AR)
    • Order Team Nutrition Materials in Print (ALL)
    • Go NAPSACC (ALL)
  • CACFP Bulletin March 2024-07 (3/11/24)
    • National CACFP Week March 10-16, 2024 (ALL)

    • Child Nutrition Programs: Income Eligibility Guidelines (ALL)

    • CACFP Training: Save the Date! (ALL but FDCH)

    • New Staff Responsible for CACFP (ALL but FDCH)

    • Family Style Meal Service with Children in the CACFP Posters (ALL)

    • New CACFP Menu Planners for Breakfast and Snack in English and Spanish (ALL)

    • ICN’s Mealtime Memo March 2024 Best Practices to Improve Nutrition in the CACFP (ALL)

    • ICN’s CACFP Food Safety Toolkit (ALL)

  • CACFP Bulletin February 2024-06 (2/15/24)
    • Annual Civil Rights Training Reminder (ALL but FDCH)
    • Reminder: Race and Ethnicity Data Form (ALL)
    • Reminder: Special Dietary Needs (ALL)
    • Training Spotlight: CACFP Costs (ALL but FDCH)
    • FFY 2024 1st Quarter CACFP Financial Report (SO)
    • Planning for CACFP Week March 12-18, 2024 (ALL)
    • Institute of Child Nutrition: Mealtime Memo: Family Style Meal Service (ALL)
    • New Features and Food Yields in the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs Interactive Web-based Tool! (ALL)
  • CACFP Bulletin January 2024-05 (1/11/24)
    • USDA: Child Nutrition Program Integrity Final Rule (ALL)
    • Wisconsin Chili Lunch (ALL)
    • Year-Round Food Program: Transitioning from the At-Risk Afterschool
      Program to SFSF (AR)
    • ICN’s Mealtime Memo January 2024 Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Foods
  • CACFP Bulletin December 2024-04 (12/19/23)
    • Infants: Tofu and Soy Yogurt Now Creditable (ALL but ADC)

    • Updated Infant Meal Pattern Chart (ALL but ADC)

    • FFY 2024 CACFP Contract Reminders (ALL)

    • Sponsoring Organization Reminder: 2023 4th Quarter Report Due (SO)

    • Be Informed About Food Recalls and Food Borne Illness Outbreaks (ALL)

    • CACFP Menu Checklist: Meal Pattern and Menu Documentation Requirements (ALL but SFA operating At-Risk following NSLP meal pattern)

    • CACFP Shout-Outs (ALL)

  • CACFP Bulletin November 2024-03 (11/21/23)
    • CACFP Training Materials (ALL but FDCH)
    • New Creditable Non-Dairy Beverage and Updated Creditable Non-Dairy Beverages (Fluid Milk Substitute) Handout (ALL)
    • Updated Creditable and Non-Creditable Cheese Handout (ALL)
  • CACFP Bulletin November 2024-02 (11/16/23)
    • End of Calendar Year Payment Schedule (ALL)
    • CACFP Financial Report (ALL)
    • DPI Strategic Planning (ALL)
    • Download NEW Nibbles for Health Parent Newsletters Today! (ALL)
    • Feeding Infants in the CACFP (ALL)
  • CACFP Bulletin October 2024-01 (10/12/23)
    • Reminder: CACFP Contract Renewal (ALL but FDCH)

    • Eligibility Requirements: For-Profit Centers

    • Updated CACFP Consultant Agency Assignments (ALL)

    • Independent Centers: Annual CACFP Financial Report due November 1st (ALL but FDCH)

    • Translated Materials (ALL)

    • Feeding Infants and Meal Pattern Requirements in CACFP (ALL)

    • Now Available! New Food Yields Added to the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs Interactive Web-based Tool and FBG Mobile App! (ALL)

    • New Team Nutrition Training Modules on FBG and Exhibit A Grains Tool

FFY 2023


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