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CACFP Training

Does your agency have a new Authorized Representative and/or primary staff responsible for the CACFP? If so, refer to New Authorized Representative or Primary Staff Responsible for CACFP and contact your Assigned Consultant.

Missed training? Need a refresher? Check out the training resources below for training current and new staff.

CACFP E-Learning Course

  • Applicable to Child Care Centers, Outside of School Hours Programs, Emergency Shelters and Head Start Programs.
  • A Certificate of Completion can be filled out at the end of each lesson and will be emailed as proof of training for the CACFP. Print and keep on file for your records.

CACFP Training Webcasts for Adult Day Care Centers

The Community Nutrition Team provides CACFP training via webcasts. Webcasts allow you to view taped presentations that include PowerPoint slides on the web.

2019 CACFP Meal Service Training Resources

2018 CACFP Conference Resources

For questions about this information, contact Shiela Coulton (608) 665-9232