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CTE Success Stories

Owners of the St. Croix Snack Shack

Young Entrepreneurs Find a Recipe for Success

Blake BuchholzAlex EwigBlake Buchholz and Alex Ewig, 2022 graduates of Hudson High School, had talked about starting a business together many times,...

Student Overcomes Challenges, Wins Top Gold

Taylen KowalskiAll students have challenges, yet how often do they overcome them to be named best in the nation in something? This story is about...
Zak Kachel

A Teacher’s Journey: Learning by Doing

Zakary KachelProbably every teacher has a heard a student ask, “Why do we need to learn this?” And teachers know the closer they come to providing a...
Robert Bothe, Westby High School

Delivering on ACP: A Rural Perspective

Robert Bothe, Westby High School How school districts deliver Academic and Career Planning (ACP) varies widely depending on the district. Let’s look...
Sarah Radcliffe, Director of Future Ready Learning

Delivering on ACP: A Suburban Perspective

How school districts deliver Academic and Career Planning (ACP) varies widely depending on the district. Let's look at Altoona School District to see...
Imunique Triplett

Imunique Triplett: The Author of Her Own Story

At just 17 years old, Imunique Triplett has been pinned as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) before graduating from Rufus King High School in...
Jennifer Johnson

Apprenticeships Soar With School-Based Career Coaches

The Ahnapee Youth Apprenticeship Consortium in northeastern Wisconsin is placing a jaw-dropping average of 25 percent of its juniors and seniors in...
Gretta Balczewski

SkillsUSA a Recurring Theme for Teacher

Gretta Balczewski is an unapologetic superfan of SkillsUSA. "I could talk SkillsUSA for days and not cover everything," says Gretta, "SkillsUSA is...
Alynson Kolaske

Career Exploration a Life-Changer

Career and technical education (CTE) can be life-changing. No one knows this better than CTE teacher Keith Wartzenluft, a business educator,...
Gabe Vargas

Student Connects With Media Production

Gabe Vargas's passion is communications. "I've always been a talker and a people-person," says the senior from Chippewa Falls Sr. High School. "I...

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