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Exhibit A6

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit A6

The items from this exhibit will be reviewed but will not be retained by the DPI Review Team.

Purpose of this exhibit

The items in this exhibit allow the review team to see those places where the district is informing various audiences of the specific person or position assigned as the coordinator(s) for Title IX and Section 504 along with his or her contact information (office address, phone number, and e-mail).

The following brochure provides general information and guidance from the US Department of Education on the various federal nondiscrimination laws and the related notification requirements:

DOE Guidelines for Notice of Nondiscrimination 2010

Items needing to be provided

One copy each of publications that contain the name, office address, telephone number, and email address of the coordinator(s) for Title IX and Section 504.

Please flag or tab those pages that contain the specified information.

Sample Materials

None available at this time

For questions about this information, contact Will Cannon (608) 267-0360