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Exhibit C10

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit C10

The items from this exhibit will be reviewed but will not be retained by the DPI Review Team.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see how the district is ensuring all students – including all races, both sexes, and students with disabilities – are receiving information about career options and career development and to see how the process for providing this information may:

  1. Counter discrimination and/or stereotypes;
  2. Actively address inequities resulting from past discrimination; or
  3. Create or reinforce discrimination and/or stereotypes (even if unintentionally).

Items needing to be provided

Description of steps taken to provide information concerning career options and career development with students of all races, both sexes, and students with disabilities. This could include lists of role models, guest speakers, or other special resources.

Sample Materials

None available at this time

For questions about this information, contact Christine Smith (608) 267-7101