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Exhibit H1

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit H1

All items from this exhibit will be retained by DPI Review Team. If any items are not available, provide a printed statement to that effect.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow an initial review of the schools they will see during their site visit. These materials help the team prepare by knowing in advance which federal regulations will apply based on the construction and modification dates of each building or facility.

The following resources may help in ensuring district facilities meet federal access guidelines:

Items needing to be provided

Detailed floor plan map for each middle and high school building that includes the following:

  • Label each hallway with a number or letter
  • For each section of the building and each parking lot, identify the year of original construction and the dates of facility additions, modifications, or renovations. (Using different colors is very helpful)
  • Indicate each bathroom, building entrance, water fountain, telephone, or other features that are physically accessible to individuals with disabilities. Please code as follows:
    • BF – Bathroom, Female
    • BM – Bathroom, Male
    • E – Accessible Entrance
    • EL - Elevator
    • LF - Locker Room Female
    • LM - Locker Room Male
    • P - Accessible Parking spaces
    • Pool - Swimming pool
    • WF – Water Fountain
  • Indicate and identify the location of any separate facilities (other than bathrooms or locker rooms) provided or restricted on the basis of sex, race, disability, English proficiency, or other protected status with: SF

Sample Materials