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Exhibit A14

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit A14

All items from this exhibit will be retained by DPI Review Team.  If any items are not available, provide a printed statement to that effect.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see the ways in which availability and access to school clubs and organizations may be:

  • countering discrimination and/or stereotypes;
  • actively addressing inequities resulting from past discrimination; or
  • creating or reinforcing discrimination and/or stereotypes (even if unintentionally).

To help determine if disproportionate enrollment exists and to further analyze related trends, use "Student Organizations" tab in our Onsite Templates Workbook.

Items needing to be provided

A list of all available middle and high school clubs and organizations, including athletics, along with the requirements for joining or participating in each.  This may be included in the student handbook.

Sample Materials