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Exhibit B1


Exhibit Instructions – Student Eligibility (Title VI; 34 CFR 100.3(b)(1)(v); 9, Title IX; 34 CFR 106.31, Section 504: 34 CFR 104.4 (4), Title II: 28 CFR 35.130 (8), Guidelines IV-A)

The items from this exhibit will be reviewed but will not be retained by the DPI Review Team.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see how district admissions policies and/or various administrative procedures may be:

  • countering discrimination and/or stereotypes;
  • actively addressing inequities resulting from past discrimination; or
  • creating or reinforcing discrimination and/or stereotypes (even if unintentionally).

Items needing to be provided

Copies of district policies and/or administrative procedures related to:

  • admissions and enrollment into the district
  • admissions, enrollment, and/or selection of schools within the district (if applicable)

Sample Materials

Admissions Policy