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Exhibit B2

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit B2

The items from this exhibit will be reviewed but will not be retained by the DPI Review Team.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see how district policies, procedures, actions, decisions, and/or communications related to determining the site for a school or where a particular educational program is to be offered may be:

  • Countering discrimination and/or stereotypes;
  • Actively addressing inequities resulting from past discrimination; or
  • Creating or reinforcing discrimination and/or stereotypes (even if unintentionally).

Items needing to be provided

Any materials that relate to or directly reference proposals, decisions, and dialogues regarding the site selection of schools and related facilities or the selection of those schools within a district that will offer a particular educational program. These materials could include:

  • Board policies
  • Administrative procedures
  • Records of deliberations (i.e. board and committee meeting minutes)
  • Correspondence (mailings, e-mails, web postings, etc.) sent to the community and/or education stakeholders (i.e. educators, unions, parents)
  • News articles
  • District purchased notifications in various media

Sample Materials

None available at this time