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Exhibit A12

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit A12

All items from this exhibit will be retained by DPI Review Team.  If any items are not available, provide a printed statement to that effect.

Purpose of this exhibit

The items in this exhibit will be used to see how well the district is meeting federal nondiscrimination requirements in its official policies and procedures relative to harassment and bullying.  The materials will be reviewed to ensure all protected populations are included in harassment and bullying policies and procedures, to ensure the language is appropriate and correct, and to ensure effective guidance is being provided to administrators charged with enforcing the policies and procedures.

Items needing to be provided

You need to provide copies of all district policies, rules, exhibits, guidelines, and procedures that address harassment and bullying.  These items would typically be found in the district policy handbook as well as administrative procedure handbooks.

Sample Materials

Here are some sample policies that meet the CRC requirements: