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Civil Rights Compliance Program Process

What to expect 

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As a selected district for an onsite compliance review, it is the district's responsibility to compile necessary resources and organize the schedule and location of the onsite review team's work. The following documents will be helpful as you begin preparing for this important visit.

Before the visit

Primary Contact Form

The district primary lead contact should begin with bringing a team of district staff together around building the exhibit compilation for the Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) visit. The following documents will assist in providing details for each exhibit required. For best results and ease of use, provide each exhibit in its own file folder (as appropriate).

During the visit

The district is responsible for providing a schedule of interviews, exhibit review times, and tour options. This should be provided at least one week prior to the visit.

After the visit

A corrective action plan to address any deficiencies is required to be submitted and approved by WDPI prior to ANY corrective actions taking place within the district. The following documents will provide necessary organization for the development of the action plan and submitting corrective documentation.