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Exhibit C3

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit C3

All items from this exhibit will be retained by DPI Review Team. If any items are not available, provide a printed statement to that effect.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see how district staff are trained and prepared so they can do the following relative to counseling of students and course promotion and selection:

  • Recognize materials and activities that may contain, create, and/or reinforce bias and stereotypes
  • Implement and facilitate activities that counter bias, stereotypes, and discrimination
  • Develop and produce materials that counter bias, stereotypes, and discrimination

The following materials may be helpful in implementing practices that address discrimination concerns:

Items needing to be provided

Copies of documentation from or narrative descriptions of education and training conducted for staff who are responsible for counseling students and/or working with students on course planning and selection; these activities should reflect the need for counseling materials and activities, as well as promotion of courses including Career and Technical Education, that are free of bias and stereotypes based on race, color, national origin, sex, or disability; these could include:

  • Courses or workshops attended
  • District delivered training
  • Staff collaboration activities
  • Professional Learning Community activities
  • Other

Sample Materials

None available at this time

For questions about this information, contact Will Cannon (608) 267-0360